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About Sanyou

: Sanyou Relays was established in 1992, and within seven years had become the number two manufacturer of electronic relays in China. With 540,000 sq. ft. of production space in Dongguan City , our annual output now tops 590 million pieces and we are growing. Headquartered in Shenzhen, Sanyou has recently established a branch office in Richmond B.C. responsible for serving the North American market. Our location in the city, a gateway between China and North America, enables us to provide service unparalleled in the relay-manufacture industry. We inventory all our best-selling products, so chances are we'll have the products you need, and be able to deliver them to you quickly—and no more waiting for orders to be shipped in from overseas. Besides our ability to expedite delivery of products and samples, we have cut wait-times for quotes on our products and services, most being supplied within 24-hours of request.

Sanyou Distributor
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Sanyou Components - Inventory

SFK-H  Electromagnetic Relay Dimensions (mm): 30.1x15.7x23.3 Capacity: 25A/20A 250VAC Coil voltage: 5 24VDC  Sanyou  1000
SLA-G  Electromagnetic Relay Dimensions (mm): 31.8x27.4x19.8 Capacity: 40A 277VAC Coil voltage: 5 110VDC  Sanyou  1000
SLE  Electromagnetic Relay Dimensions (mm): 31.8x27.4x19.8 Capacity: 35A 277VAC Coil voltage: 12 24  Sanyou  1000
SLI  Electromagnetic Relay Dimensions (mm): 32.0x27.5x19.8 Capacity: 30A 250VAC Coil voltage: 5 110VDC  Sanyou  1000
SM(1POLE 2POLES)  Electromagnetic Relay Dimensions (mm): 29.2x12.7x15.7 Capacity: 8A 250VAC/16A 250VAC Coil voltage: 5 110VDC  Sanyou  1000
SM-K  Electromagnetic Relay Dimensions (mm): 29*13*16 Capacity: 16A Coil voltage: 3 24V  Sanyou  1000
SM-P  Electromagnetic Relay Dimensions (mm): 29*12.7*15.7mm Capacity: 16A 250VAC Coil voltage: 5 110V  Sanyou  1000
SMHE  Electromagnetic Relay Dimensions (mm): 28.05x12.1x12.1 Capacity: 16A/277 Coil voltage: 5 6 9 12 18 24 48  Sanyou  1000
SMI(1 POLE 2 POLES)  Electromagnetic Relay Dimensions (mm): 29.2x12.8x20.6 Capacity: 5A 250VDC/10A 250VAC Coil voltage: 3 48VDC  Sanyou  1000
SML-1P  Electromagnetic Relay Dimensions (mm): 28.5*10.1*2.5mm Capacity: 10A 277VAC Coil voltage: 0506091218244860  Sanyou  1000
SML-2P  Electromagnetic Relay Dimensions (mm): 28.8*10.1*12.5mm Capacity: 5A 277VAC Coil voltage: 0506091218244860  Sanyou  1000
SRD(I)-L  Electromagnetic Relay Dimensions (mm): 19.6x15.4x15.5 Capacity: 12A 250VAC Coil voltage: 3 60VDC  Sanyou  1000
SRDK  Electromagnetic Relay Dimensions (mm): 15.4*19*16.45 Capacity: 10A Coil voltage: 5~48V  Sanyou  1000
SRG  Electromagnetic Relay Dimensions (mm): 21.0x16.0x21.8 Capacity: 15A 125VAC Coil voltage: 5 48VDC  Sanyou  1000
SZ  Electromagnetic Relay Dimensions (mm): 29.2x12.8x20.6 Capacity: 16A 250VAC Coil voltage: 3 48VDC  Sanyou  1000