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About Taitien Electronics

: Taitien is a leading global manufacturer of frequency control products and offers a wide range of quartz crystals, oscillators, VCXOs, TCXOs, OCXOs, precision crystals, and thickness monitor crystals. The company is ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certified, with design and application engineering resources in Taiwan, China, and The United States. Taitien was founded in 1976, as one of the original manufacturers of the tuning fork. In the early 1990s, Taitien became a primary VCXO supplier for major telecommunication companies. In the following years, Taitien invested significant resources into R&D, becoming one of the leading producers of surface mount oscillators with CMOS and LVPECL outputs. To this day, Taitien continues to operate as a top tier manufacturer in the FCP industry, offering leading edge solutions to its customers worldwide.

Taitien Electronics Distributor
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Taitien Electronics Components - Inventory

06172-W-022-3  Crystal 32.768KHz +/-20PPM 12.5pF SMD 4.  Taitien Electronics Co. Ltd.  200
09011-L-028-3  OSCILLATOR 100MHz 50PPM SMD 7.5*5 TR  Taitien Electronics Co. Ltd.  22
09011-L-033-3  OSCILLATOR 125MHz +/-50PPM SMD 7.0X5.0 T  Taitien Electronics Co. Ltd.  505
09011-L-052-3  OSCILLATOR 50MHz +/-50PPM SMD 7.0X5.0 TR  Taitien Electronics Co. Ltd.  537
09011-L-056-3  OSCILLATOR 150MHz +/-50PPM SMD 7.5X5 TR  Taitien Electronics Co. Ltd.  9951
09011-L-069-3  OSCILLATOR 32.768KHz +/-50PPM SMD 5X3.2  Taitien Electronics Co. Ltd.  880
09011-L-079-3  OSCILLATOR 150MHz +/-50PPM SMD 7.0X5.0 T  Taitien Electronics Co. Ltd.  327
09011-L-086-3  OSCILLATOR 133.33MHz +/-50PPM SMD 7.0X5.  Taitien Electronics Co. Ltd.  460
09011-X-093-3  Crystal 12MHz +/-20PPM 20PF SMD 11.4X4.8  Taitien Electronics Co. Ltd.  2365
09011-X-139-3  Crystal 19.2MHz +/-30PPM 20pF SMD 11.4X4  Taitien Electronics Co. Ltd.  1772
09011-X-141-3  Crystal 25MHz +/-25PPM 18pF SMD 3.2X2.5  Taitien Electronics Co. Ltd.  553
09011L0593  OSCILLATOR 125MHz 50PPM SMD 7.0X5.0 TR  Taitien Electronics Co. Ltd.  102
OYETGCJANF-33.333MHZ  OSCILLATOR 33.333MHz +/-50PPM SMD 2.5X2.  Taitien Electronics Co. Ltd.  2048