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About Triad

: Triad Components is a manufacturing company consisting of three divisions Switch Components(SCI), OptiFuse and Vortex. Each specializing in high-quality electronic components sold primarily to the electronic and transportation markets via a distribution network. The company is an employee-owned (ESOP) enterprise. Triad Components has been a member of the Inc 5000 for 5 consecutive years as well as being named as one of Inc's Best Places to Work in 2018.

OptiFuse is a world-class manufacturer of fuses, fuseholders, fuseclips, fuse blocks, circuit breakers, resettable fuses and accessories.

Switch Components, Inc. (SCI) is a high-quality supplier of AC and DC switch products serving the transportation, electrical and electronic markets. The company was established in 2018 as a new independent component division of Triad Partners, LLC.

Vortex specializes in Connectors, Cable and wire management, and Circuit protection.

Triad Distributor
IBS Electronics is an electronic component distributor of interconnect, power and electromechanical products, capacitors, transistors, resistors, diodes, fuses, integrated circuits ICs, plus a diversity electronic, electrical, and electromechanical components and assemblies.

Triad Components - Inventory

CST306-3T-B  Triad-Magnetics CST306-3T-B Current Sense Transformer 55.0mH 200T CT LEAD FREE  Triad Magnetics  rfq
GDE25-4  GDE25-4 TRIAD MAGNETICS 1.5 mH 1.5:1:1 Turn Ratio Switchmode/High Frequency Gate Drive Transformer  TRIAD MAGNETICS  192
TLD1020-12  TLD1020-12 Triad Magnetics LED Driver 12V 1.66A 20W Constant Voltage AC DC Converter IP66 NEMA 4 100VAC-304VAC 3.74L x 1.57W x 0.98 H (95.0mm x 40.0mm x 25.0mm) Wire Leads  Triad Magnetics  164
TLD1040-36-C0700  TLD1040-36-C0700 Triad Magnetics LED Driver 18 ~ 36V 700mA 40W Constant Current AC DC Converter IP66 NEMA 4 100VAC-304VAC 3.74L x 2.76W x 1.26 H (95.0mm x 70.0mm x 32.0mm) Wire Leads  Triad Magnetics  130
TLM4036DC-1000  TLM4036DC-1000 Triad Magnetics LED Driver 2 ~ 38V 1A 26W Constant Current Buck IP66 NEMA 4 10V-40V 1.26L x 1.22W x 0.59 H (32.0mm x 31.0mm x 15.0mm) Wire Leads  Triad Magnetics  160
VPP24-210  VPP24-210 Triad Magnetics Power Transformer 4000VAC 5VA 8 Terminal PC Pin Thru-Hole RoHS  TRIAD  39
VPP24-210  VPP24-210 Triad Magnetics Transformer 4000VAC 5VA 8-DIP  Triad Magnetics  rfq
VPP36-280  Triad Magnetics VPP36-280 Transformer 10VA  Triad Magnetics  rfq
WSU060-2000  Triad Magnetics WSU060-2000 External Plug-In Adapter  Electronic Components  rfq