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About Unigen

: Unigen, a privately held company, was founded in 1991. It specializes in the design and manufacture of custom enterprise grade Flash storage, DRAM and ARMOUR product Applications, using its innovative hardware and software expertise. Unigen is a privately held company, with corporate headquarters located in Fremont, California, where it operates its state of the art, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 Design, Manufacturing, and Test facility.

Founded in 1991, Unigen is a leader in the design and manufacturing of enterprise grade flash storage, DRAM, and wireless communication modules. Unigen's core competency is in the design and manufacturing of custom solutions, providing products and services to leading Tier 1 OEM clients in the PC, Enterprise, Networking, Telecommunications, Imaging, Medical, and Defense industries. Our services include Original Design Manufacturing (ODM), Custom Design, Memory Focused Contract Manufacturing, Surface Mount Assembly, Worldwide Distribution, Supply Chain Management, Validation, Product Assurance, Pre and Post Sales Support.

Unigen's global manufacturing network provides OEM customers with the flexibility to choose the optimal location for manufacturing or design. Providing options increases Unigen's ability to service customers needs. Depending on the services required, they can be provided out of Fremont, Vietnam, Taiwan, China or Malaysia.

Unigen Distributor
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Unigen Components - Inventory

UB82PHF16H0CM1-DTE-CIS  USB 3.0 16GB MLC C-TEMP 19nm  Unigen  5
UG10U6400P8SU  DRAM Module 1024MX64 ROHS COMPLIANT SODIMM-204  Unigen  5
UGB90PTC1000C5-EGG-8TA  eUSB USB 2.0 I-temp  Unigen  5
UGQUBE1USB450A  MODULE JUNO-USB 6943 5VRF Modules & ICs -  Unigen  5
UGW3S9XESM33  RF TXRX MODULE ISMRF Modules & ICs Module  Unigen  5
UGW5S4XESM33  RF TXRX MODULE ISMRF Modules & ICs Module  Unigen  5
UGW5S8XESM33  MODULE ECHO-SMT-800 MOBORF Modules & ICs 48-VQFN  Unigen  5
UGWB1USHM33A  MODULE JUNO-B 6934 3.3V CHIPRF Modules & ICs Module  Unigen  5
UGWG4USHN33A  MODULE LETO-M 6936 3.3V TRACERF Modules & ICs Module  Unigen  5
UGWJ4USHN33  MOD LETO-LPA 6936 3.3V MINI-COAXRF Modules & ICs Module  Unigen  5
UGWKEC4VEA1-EK  EVALUATION KIT ECHO 400Evaluation & Development Kits & Boards -  Unigen  5
UGWKJULCYA1-EK  EVALUATION KIT JUNO-LPAEvaluation & Development Kits & Boards -  Unigen  5
UGWL1USHN33A  MODULE JUNO-L 6934 3.3V CHIPRF Modules & ICs Module  Unigen  5
UGWM1USHN33  MODULE JUNO-M 6934 3.3V TRACERF Modules & ICs Module  Unigen  5
UGWW2USHN33A  MODULE JUNO-W 6935 3.3V DL TRACERF Modules & ICs Module  Unigen  5