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About Zealway Electronics

: Zealway is a ISO9000 certified leaded type resistor manufacturer since 1988. Various product lines include Carbon Film Fixed Resistors, Metal Film Resistors, Cut and Form Lead type, Zero Ohm and Jumper Wire, Carbon Flamproof Resistors, Miniature size Metal Oxide Film Resistors and Power Resistors.

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CR 12- 300Carbon film fixed resistorsAutomated mass productionSuperior quality materials to ensure stability and reliabilityVariety of packingcarbon resistor
1/2W - 5W
1WS - 7WS
Metal oxide film resistorsElectrical and mechanical stability and high reliabilityBest resistive to heat, humidity and noncombustible Annual shift is the lowest for the strengthen metal oxide filmLow noise, with high resistance valuemetal resistor
MF 12 - 300Metal film fixed resistorsHigh aluminium content base material, vacuum sputtered by Ni-Cr alloyExcellent heat and wet-proof special resin for protective coatingIntegrated automatic production systemStable properties and excellent performancemetalfilm resistor
CR 02 - 25Thick film chip resistorsResistors and jumper chips from 0402 to 2512Highly stability metal-glaze electrodesGlass coating improves resistance to mechanical stressSuitable for high-speed surface mount machineschip resistor
RA1/8-1/4Thick film resistors networksSmall in size with high precision packageSuitable for use in printed circuit boardsAutomated mass production and competitive pricesExtremely high stability, accuracy and reliabilitynetworks
2W - 20WWire-wound resistors rectangular type -SQPCeramic caseSolder plated copper leadNon-inductive type up to 15wirewound
KPNWire-wound resistors (KPN 1/2W - 10W)Resistance wire wound on a Alkaliless ceramic basis, coated with non-corrosive, high insulating materialSuper heat dissipationSmall linear temperature coefficientInstant overload capability knp
FMFFlameproof fusible resistorsSuitable to apply in transistor protection circuitNoncombustible insulation coat, solvent proof, for high temperature applicationsGood TCR ± 200 PPM / ºCUniform in fusing timeflameproof
EH / ERPower type fixed wire-wound resistorsHigh resistivity to heat, linear change in resistance with temperature, stable resistance value,Multi-terminal types and adjustable types availableInsulation : ?500V , 20 MOhmLoad: 1000V  / 1 min  power

Zealway Electronics Distributor
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