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Fremont Micro Devices FMD

FMD-logo Fremont Micro Devices is a fabless semiconductor supplier and integrated circuit design house. It has quickly become a leader in non-volatile memory products and high efficiency power management solutions. FMD was founded in Fremont, California in 2003 and has offices in the United States, Europe and China. The key members of the management team have extensive product development, design, finance and sales experience with leading Silicon Valley semiconductor companies.

Fremont Micro Devices has a world class design and technology team and maintains a close working relationship with its suppliers and customers. It developed or co-developed with foundries, the technologies used in its products and has extensive patent coverage. Intimate knowledge of process technology enables quick time to market, high performance, high reliability and low cost integrated circuits.

In addition to Serial EEPROM, and Serial Flash Memories, FMD has a portfolio of power management devices including LED driver solutions Linear and Switching regulators,  AC/DC power converter standard products.

FMD leveraged its expertise in non volatile memory and mixed signal design capability to successfully develop custom memory chips tailored to customer specific requirements. Customer defined solutions offer highly integrated, flexible, low cost, quick turn solution. Several business models are available.

Quality, reliability and service are the highest priorities at FMD. This philosophy is incorporated in our culture from technology development to post sales customer support.

    FMD's patented UltraEE® EEPROM technology delivers the best price performance low density memory in the industry, enabling us to compete favorably against industrial giants such as ATMEL, ST Micros and Samsung. In a couple of years we have captured a substantial share of the EEPROM market. We expect growth to exceed 70% per year for the next three years and will become the dominant EEPROM supplier in the near future. We now have standard memory products from 2k to 512kbit densities, as well as other ASIC memory products.
  • DCP
    FMD offers a wide selection of low-to-high resolution digitally controlled potentiometers, also known as digital potentiometers, or digpots, in single dual and quad configurations. Available in both linear and non-linear tapers, these digital potentiometers replace mechanical potentiometers and trim resistors in applications where digital control alllows microprocessor interfacing and extended functionality.
  • Power Management
    FMD has technologies tailored to Power Management IC from 0.9V to 500V which enable compact, high-efficiency, cost-effective power supplies/converters for a wide range of lighting, consumer and industrial electronics, in AC-DC and DC-DC application. Our partnerships with world-class foundries deliver not only high performance but also high quality/reliability power management ICs that satisfy today’s greener and safety first demands.