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When FIRST RESISTOR & CONDENSER CO., LTD. (FIRSTOHM) was first established in 1969, we had oriented ourselves in specialization of thick film and thin film resistors. FIRSTOHM acquired substantial resistor manufacturing technology from major Japanese and American sources. Afterwards, we successfully developed chip resistor, surge resistor, and high-end MELF SMD resistor, which drew large quantity of orders. FIRSTOHM pioneered many types of resistors in Taiwan, as well as in the world. FIRSTOHM has succeeded in long-term achievement of R&D, and managed our competitive niche in the market.

Besides, we obtained TUV ISO9002 certification, UL ISO9001 certification, TUV & SGS ISO14001 certification, UL IECQ (National Supervising Inspectorate for the IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components) certification, and VDE safety approval. These certifications sufficiently prove our quality, reliability, and our effort in production control and reducing harms to the environment.

FIRSTOHM's persistence in the concept of management "Ever-sustaining, Quality, Pursuance of Excellence, Learning for Life" has won us prestige in the market through all the years of business since our establishment more than 35 years ago. We understand that resistors are necessary parts in all electronic products. In order to reduce cost for our customers, continuous effort here at FIRSTOHM has been made in improving process automation, efficiency, and quality, and we achieved a great result compared in the field of resistors manufacturing. On the steady path of growth, we keep pursuing innovation of technology by investing large amount of capitals in R&D. Hence, various types of specialty resistors are developed and serve, for many of our customers, to solve resistors application problems, help fast development of new and advanced products, and ultimately reduce time-to-market cost. FIRSTOHM’s prospects of a higher market status, along with the booming electronic industry and based on the ambition and strong will of ever-sustaining growth of FIRSTOHM management, can be well expected.