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LCD (liquid crystal display) is the technology used for displays in notebook and other smaller computers. Like light-emitting diode (LED) and gas-plasma technologies, LCDs allow displays to be much thinner than cathode ray tube (CRT) technology. LCDs consume much less power than LED and gas-display displays because they work on the principle of blocking light rather than emitting it.

IBS Electronics is a major distributor of color TFT modules, monochrome graphic displays, segmented TN LCDs, and more. IBS Electronics offers a wide range of TFT and passive LCD display technologies to meet the requirements of any application. Some of these capabilities include wide viewing angles, wide color gamut, high contrast, sunlight readability, extreme temperature functionality and more. IBS Electronics distributes LCD displays , stand-alone LCD displays or as fully integrated modules complete with touch, cover lens, and a variety of additional value-added features. Our standard displays are readily available and suitable for industrial, medical and consumer products.
Explore IBS Electronics' wide selection of LCD Displays from ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY, Hantronix, Lumex, Matrix Orbital, Microtips, Newhaven Display, Optrex, Seiko, Varitronix, Vishay.


LCD Pannels/Monitors

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OLEDS for every application, standard to custom built



A huge range of TFT displays with a wealth of features

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Alphanumeric and Graphics LCD displays, Chip-on-Glass, Chip-on-Board and Tab formats

Touch Panels

Touch Panels transforms a display into an interactive interface.

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ARM Embedded Solutions

Our embedded system all-in-one platform


TFT Monitors

Advanced Industrial based TFT Monitors with integrated AD Board and Touch functionality