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Taitek Connectors | Cable Assemblies - Mechanical Components Taitek is focusing on high-speed connector development ensuring connector designs that deliver high-speed performance at a low price. Taitek's PCI Express solutions provide reliable performance for the next generation applications.

Taitek Connectors Cable Assemblies Distributor IBS Electronics Taitek Connectors Cable Assemblies Parts Taitek Components is one of the leading suppliers of connectors and cable assemblies in Taiwan.

With 20 years experience in interconnection hardware development and production, Taitek now produces wide range of component for industries from automotive, appliance, telecommunication, computer and consumer electronics.
  • Connector
    • Board to board connector
    • Card Edge connector
    • Din connector
    • D-sub connector
    • DVI connector
    • HDMI / Mini HDMI connector
    • I.D.C. connector
    • IEEE 1394 connector
    • Mini Size connector
    • Modular Plug / Jack
    • Pin header / Female header
    • Power connector
    • RCA, Earphone, DC Jack
    • RF connector
    • Ribbon connector
    • SATA connector
    • SCSI connector
    • Smart Card connector
    • USB / Mini USB / Micro USB connector
  • Cable Assembly
    • A/V cable
    • CISCO cable
    • DVI cable / adapter
    • Flat Ribbon cable
    • HDMI cable / adapter
    • IEEE 1394 cable / adapter
    • KVM cable
    • LAN cable
    • Fiber Optical cable
    • RF cable
    • SCSI cable
    • USB cable / adapter
    • V.35 cable / adapter
    • Wire Harness
    • OEM (custom) cable

With over 28 years of history, Taitek designs, manufactures a wide range of connectors, cables assemblies for industries including the telecom, datacom, computer, automotive, industrial and consumer markets, and have received various recognitions worldwide from top brands and world-class customers.

Offering Custom Interconnect and Engineering Services If Taitek standard products cannot meet your needs, Taitek's engineering team provides OEM services for cables, connectors and other requirements. With many years of experience and rich knowledge about the industry standards, Taitek is able to provide high-quality OEM interconnects that cover a multitude of industry applications. Special services are available upon request as well.