Smiths Interconnect

Smiths Interconnect Smiths Interconnect is a leading provider of technically differentiated electronic components, subsystems, microwave, optical and radio frequency products that connect, protect and control critical applications in the commercial aviation, defense, space, medical, rail, semiconductor test, and industrial market segments. Smiths Interconnect is synonymous with exceptional performance whenever a technologically advanced, high quality solution is required to ensure reliability and safety.

Smiths Interconnect is a renowned provider of specialized and dependable electrical interconnect solutions tailored to specific applications. Their extensive range of offerings encompasses highly integrated assemblies, micro-miniature connectors, and spring probe contacts, all designed to deliver exceptional reliability.

Smiths Connectors As a leading manufacturer in the industry, Smiths Interconnect excels in providing custom interconnect solutions that meet the unique requirements of diverse applications. Their expertise lies in developing high-quality products that ensure seamless electrical connections in critical environments.

From complex integrated assemblies to miniature connectors and precision spring probe contacts, Smiths Interconnect is committed to delivering solutions that offer exceptional performance and reliability. With their focus on application-specific solutions, they continue to be a trusted partner for customers seeking advanced electrical interconnect solutions.
Smiths Interconnect's Custom Grid Array presents a groundbreaking solution that optimizes RF performance, signal integrity, and ease of maintenance, making it a highly advantageous choice for the medical market segment.

smiths-PGA-hero.jpg Smiths Interconnect has recently introduced the Custom Grid Array, a cutting-edge contact technology tailored for the medical market segment. This innovative technology utilizes spring probe and target contacts in its contact layout, offering the same exceptional RF performance as traditional cabled coaxial solutions but with the added benefit of improved signal integrity.
When it comes to interconnect solutions for medical applications, both high performance and utmost safety are critical requirements. However, the market demand also calls for these solutions to be made smaller, sturdier, and more cost-effective. Conventional coaxial RF contacts can be large, delicate, and expensive, but the Custom Grid Array presents an efficient alternative that significantly reduces the overall size, weight, and cost of the connector.
Smiths Interconnect has developed the Custom Grid Array technology to ensure it delivers equivalent performance to traditional coaxial constructions. They achieve this by customizing the contact arrangement to cater to the specific application needs of their medical customers, especially MRI manufacturers. Although the form and factor of the Custom Grid Array may differ, the underlying technology remains consistent.
In addition to improved performance, this new technology also simplifies maintenance. By replacing pin and socket contacts with spring probes, cleaning the cable connector becomes faster and easier. The flat target contacts are easier to clean than coaxial sockets, leading to enhanced throughput in an MRI suite.

  1. Circular Connectors: Circular military connectors are versatile and commonly used in applications like aerospace, ground vehicles, and naval equipment. They offer a secure and compact connection.

  2. Rectangular Connectors: Rectangular connectors are used in military applications where a high number of contacts are required. They are suitable for control systems, communication equipment, and power distribution.

  3. D-sub Connectors: D-subminiature connectors are often used for data and signal transmission in military systems, including ruggedized computer equipment and communication devices.

  4. Fiber Optic Connectors: Military-grade fiber optic connectors are used for high-speed data transmission in military networks and communication systems. They offer high bandwidth and immunity to EMI/RFI.

  5. Hermetic Connectors: Hermetic connectors provide a completely sealed and airtight connection, protecting sensitive components from environmental factors and contaminants.