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2SA1797 Summary: 2SA1797 from ROHM is PNP TR 2SA1797T100Q MTP3 ROHM

electronic components Part Number:  2SA1797T100Q
Description :  PNP TR 2SA1797T100Q MTP3 ROHM
Manufacturer: ROHM
Quantity Avail:  8395
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- ROHM was established in Kyoto, Japan, in 1958. ROHM designs and manufactures semiconductors, integrated circuits and other electronic components. These components find a home in the dynamic and ever-growing wireless, computer, automotive and consumer electronics markets. Some of the most innovative equipment and devices use ROHM products.

ROHM is a Japanese semiconductor and electronic components manufacturer whose company mission is "Quality is our Top priority at all times". With around 21,100 employees all over the world, ROHM is a global company listed on the Tokyo stock exchange. Lapis Semiconductor (former OKI Semiconductor), SiCrystal AG, Kionix are companies of the ROHM Group.
The group produces a wide range of products such as Integrated circuits, Discrete semiconductors, Opto electronic devices, passives and sub system modules.

Products and target markets
ROHM provides a large portfolio of high quality products to help customers achieving their goals in designing and implementing various applications.
The product palette consists of Power Management & Motor Driver ICs, LEDs and LED Driver for Lighting & Automotive, Audio & Video ICs, general purpose ICs, Sensor ICs & optical Sensors, SiC Power devices, MCU, Transistors, Diodes, Resistors, Printheads & CIS as well as special designs. ROHM's products are deployed in a broad range of target applications such as automotive, industrial, consumer, computer & office equipment, home appliances, white goods, medical as well as communication systems.

Research & Development
At ROHM's R&D technology bases worldwide more than 2,800 engineers are engaged in the development of products and production technologies, such as Next-Generation Semiconductors, Composite Devices, Nano-Bionics, New Material Devices, Display Devices, Photonics, Solid State Lighting, Advanced Compound Semiconductors, and other technologies.

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