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74HCT04D Summary: 74HCT04D from NXP is IC TTL 74HCT04D SO14 PHILIPS

electronic components Part Number:  74HCT04D
Description :  IC TTL 74HCT04D SO14 PHILIPS
Manufacturer: NXP
Quantity Avail:  0
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- NXP Semiconductors enables secure connections and infrastructure for a smarter world, advancing solutions that make lives easier, better and safer. As the world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, NXP is driving innovation in the secure connected vehicle, end-to-end security & privacy and smart connected solutions markets.

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74HCT04D NXP ic ttl 74hct04d so14 philips
74HCT00D NXP ic ttl 74hct00d so14 philips
74HCT14D/G NXP Semiconductors(Philips Electronics) ic trigger hex invert soic 14p tr
74HCT245D NXP SEMICONDUCTORS 74hct245d nxp semiconductors ic
74HCT14PW-T PHILIPS ic 74hct14 hex schmitt tssop
74HCT244PW-T PHILIPS ic 74hct244 oct buf tssop20
74HCT374N652 NXP nxp 74hct374n652 dip-20 18/tube
74HCT4052D118 NEXPERIA 74hct4052d118 nexperia 74hct series 5.5v dual 4-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexer - soic-16
74HCT273D652 NEXPERIA 74hct273d652 nexperia 74hct series 5.5 v surface mount octal d-type flip-flop w/ reset - soic-20
74HCT4052D118 NEXPERIA 74hct4052d118 nexperia 74hct series 5.5v dual 4-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexer - soic-16
74HCT259D652 NEXPERIA 74hct259d652 nexperia 74hct series 5.5 v surface mount 8-bit addressable latch - soic-16
74HCT139D652 NEXPERIA 74hct139d652 nexperia 74hct series 5.5 v dual 2-to-4 line decoder/demultiplexer - soic-16
74HCT10D652 NEXPERIA 74hct10d652 nexperia 74hct series 5.5 v surface mount high speed triple 3-input nand gate - soic-14
74HCT240D652 NEXPERIA 74hct240d652 nexperia 74hct series 5.5 v smt octal buffer/line driver 3-state inverting -soic-20
74HCT2G14GV125 NEXPERIA 74hct2g14gv125 nexperia 74hct series 5 v dual inverting schmitt trigger surface mount - sc-74
74HCT32PW112 NEXPERIA 74hct32pw112 nexperia 74hct series 5.5 v surface mount quad 2-input or gate - tssop-14
74HCT9046AD118 NEXPERIA 74hct9046ad118 nexperia 74hct series 5.5 v surface mount pll with band gap controlled vco - soic-16
74HCT245PW112 NEXPERIA 74hct245pw112 nexperia 74hct series 5.5 v surface mount 3-state octal bus transceiver - tssop-20
74HCT597DB112 NEXPERIA 74hct597db112 nexperia 74hct series 5.5 v smt 8-bit shift register with input flip-flops - ssop-16
74HCT7541D118 NEXPERIA 74hct7541d118 nexperia 74hct series 5 v octal schmitt trigger buffer/line driver 3-state - soic-20
74HCT273D652 74hct273d652 ic ff d-type sngl 8bit 20so
74HCT257 NSC nsc# 74hct257 quad 2-in multiplexer 3-st
74HCT573P PHILIPS 74hct573p philips ic 1-bit driver true output 20pin
74HCT125M HARRIS harris 74hct125m ic buff/dvr tri-st qd 14soic smd
74HCT366D 653 NEXPERIA 74hct366d 653 nexperia buffer/line driver 6-ch inverting 5.5v 3-st cmos 16-pin so t/r rohs
74HCT1G14GW-Q100H NXP 74hct1g14gw-q100h nexperia inverter schmitt trigger 1-element cmos 5-pin tssop rohs
74HCT373N Texas Instruments ti 74hct373n sn74hc373n ic flip flop logic
74HCT00D NXP philips 74hct00d nand gate ic 4 channel 14-soic
74HCT02D NXP philips 74hct02d nor gate 4-element 2-in cmos 14-pin so
74HCT02D-ROHS Philips philips semiconductors 74hct02d ic quad gate, 2 input, 4 ma, 4.5v to 5.5v, soic-14
74HCT04 Philips philips / nxp 74hct04 hex inverter
74HCT04D/ Philips philips semiconductor 74hct04d cmos hex inverter 4ma 4.5-5.5v smd sot-108
74HCT125M Electronic Components harris 74hct125m buffers & line drivers tri-state quad
74HCT138D NXP 74hct138d ic decoder/demux 3-8 line 16soic
74HCT138D. Philips philips 74hct138d cmos 3-to-8 line inverting decoder/ demultiplexer soic-16
74HCT138D-PHIL NXP nxp 74hct138d decoder/demultiplexer 1 x 3:8 16-so
74HCT138D-ROHS Philips philips semiconductor 74hct138d ic 3-8 encoder, decoder, multiplexer & demultiplexer 4.5v-5.5v sot-109
74HCT14M96 Electronic Components 74hct14m harris hex inverter schmitt trigger 4ma 5v soic-14
74HCT157 Philips philips 74hct157d ic quad 2-input mux 16-soic
74HCT165D-PBF Philips nxp 74hct165d-pbf ic 8bit shift register 16soic
74HCT193P Philips philips 74hct193pw ic synchronous up / down counter 43mhz smd 16-tssop
74HCT1G14GW-Q100H NXP 74hct1g14gw-q100h nexperia inverter schmitt trigger 1-element cmos 5-tssop
74HCT238D NXP 74hct238d nxp ic 3-8 line decoder/demux 16soic
74HCT244D philips 74hct244d 74hct cmos, smd, 74hct244, soic20
74HCT244N,652 NXP 74hct244n,652 nxp semiconductors buffer/line driver 8-ch non-inverting 3-st 5.5 v cmos 20-pin pdip
74HCT245D NXP philips 74hct245d ic transceiver 3-state, 8 gate, 1 input, 4.5v to 5.5v, soic-20
74HCT245D,652 NXP 74hct245d,652 nxp transceiver single 20-soic
74HCT245D,653 NXP 74hct245d,653 nxp bus xcvr single 8-ch 3-st 20-soic
74HCT245D-PBF Philips philips 74hct245d-pbf transceiver, non-inverting, 3-state, 8 gate, 1 input, 4.5v-5.5v, soic-20
74HCT257 National Semiconductor nsc 74hct257 quad 2-in multiplexer 3-state 5v 16p
74HCT366D,653 Electronic Components 74hct366d,653 nexperia buffer/line driver 6-ch inverting 5.5v pdso16
74hct373d Philips 74hct373d philips 5.5 v 3-state octal d-type transparent latch smd soic-20
74HCT373D-PBF Philips philips 74hct373d-pbf latch transparent 3-st 8-ch d-type 20-pin
74HCT373M Philips 74hct373d philips semiconductor ic 5.5 v 3-state octal d-type transparent latch soic-20
74HCT373N Texas Instruments ti 74hct373n sn74hc373n ic flip flop logic
74HCT4020D,653 NXP 74hct4020d,653 nexperia binary counter ic 14-bit pdso16
74HCT4051D Philips philips 74hct4051d ic analog multiplexer single 8:1 16-pin so
74HCT4052D Philips philips 74hct4052d dual 4-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexer 180mhz 5.5 v soic-16
74HCT4052D-T Philips 74hct4052d-t analog mux dual 4:1 5v/5.5v 16-soic
74HCT4053D Philips philips 74hct4053d ic 3 circuit ic switch mux/demux 2chan 16soic
74HCT4053D,118 NXP 74hct4053d nxp multiplexer switch 16soic
74HCT4538D Philips philips 74hct4538d ic dual monostable multivibrator 5v 0.5a smd soic-16
74HCT541 Electronic Components harris 74hct541 buffer / line driver, non-inverting, 3-state, 4.5v to 5.5v soic-20
74HCT541D Philips philips 74hct541d ic buffer / line driver 3-state 8bit 20soic
74HCT541D-PBF Philips philips 74hct541d octal buffer & line driver, 3-state, 5v, 20-pin soic
74HCT541PW,118 Electronic Components 74hct541pw,118 nexperia buffers & line driver 20-tssop
74HCT573D Philips philips 74hct573d ic d-type transparent latch channel 8:8 ic tri-state 20pin
74HCT573D-PBF Electronic Components philips semiconductor 74hct573d-pbf octal 3 state latch 5v soic-20
74HCT573M Philips philips 74hct573m octal transparent d-type latch 6ma 5.5v smd soic-20
74HCT573P Philips philips 74hct573p octal d-type latch tssop20
74HCT688N Philips philips 74hct688n identity comparator 8-bit 20-pin pdip
74HCT74D Philips 74hct74d philips dual "d" type flip flop positive edge trigger smd soic-14
74HCT86D NXP nxp 74hct86d ic quad cmos xor logic gate smd soic-14
74HCT86N,652 NXP 74hct86n,652 nxp logic ic, xor (exclusive or), quad, 2 inputs, 14-dip

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