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805TSV Summary: 805TSV from Xenarc Technologies is 805TSV Xenarc Technologies 8In LCD screen display monitor Touch Panel:RESISTIVE 5W 400 cd/m2

electronic components Part Number:  805TSV
Description :  805TSV Xenarc Technologies 8In LCD screen display monitor Touch Panel:RESISTIVE 5W 400 cd/m2
Manufacturer: Xenarc Technologies
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Xenarc Technologies

- Xenarc Technologies is the best small monitor and small touchscreen ruggedized solutions manufacturer.Xenarc Technologies has been producing the most ruggedized, innovative touchscreens since 2002, with clients' applications in mind. From tough environments in mining and heavy machinery, to factory floors and fleets of trucks and buses, our displays have been utilized in almost every application imaginable. Water and dust proof, vibration and shock resistant, direct sunlight readability, there is nothing more anyone could ask from their interface screen. Optional USB touchscreen technology makes screens the perfect interface display. 20 years experience in screens for any application.

Xenarc Technologies Corporation is dedicated to becoming your cutting edge small form factor truly rugged, all weather custom technology display small touchscreen and small monitor solution manufacturer and supplier.

Xenarc Technologies Corporation was founded in 2002 as a pioneer in truly rugged 7", 8", 9", 10", 12", 15", 18", 24" small form factor, video and touchscreen interface device manufacturing. Xenarc were the first to introduce a 7� VGA display monitor, and the first to bring a touchscreen version of this display LCD monitor to market with the iconic 700TSV.

The Company quickly found a niche in the rugged small touchscreen and small monitor display market by providing high quality touchscreen display monitors with a bevy of functions and features, as well as rugged monitors that never incorporate refurbished LCD panels or refurbished components, as other display manufacturers rely on. Establishing a strong presence first in the USA, and then into Europe, Asia and Australia, Xenarc rugged 7" to 24" display monitors have provided video and touchscreen interfaces (HMIs) to a wide range of industries such as smart IIoT industrial factory floors, in vehicle communication and tracking, digital signage, point of sale, medical, military, marine and to enhance the user experience with advanced user interface systems (Human Machine Interface HMI) such as voting, in store advertising and gaming machines.

Xenarc also has experience providing custom ruggedized small monitor and small touchscreen display solutions for mining machinery, sea and air applications, military applications and medical devices requiring stringent certifications. Xenarc Technologies continues to stay in the forefront of the true rugged display solutions going beyond VGA now to SDI, HDMI, DisplayPort, USB, and wireless solutions.

All of Xenarc's 7" to 24" display solutions are manufactured by Xenarc's own factory in Taipei, Taiwan in ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified facilities.

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805TSV Xenarc Technologies 805tsv xenarc technologies 8in lcd screen display monitor touch panel:resistive 5w 400 cd/m2

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