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MAX13256ATB T Summary: MAX13256ATB T from MAXIM INTEGRATED is MAX13256ATB+T MAXIM INTEGRATED MAX13256 Series 36 V 850 mA SMT H-Bridge Transformer Driver - TDFN-10EP

electronic components Part Number:  MAX13256ATB+T
Description :  MAX13256ATB+T MAXIM INTEGRATED MAX13256 Series 36 V 850 mA SMT H-Bridge Transformer Driver - TDFN-10EP
Quantity Avail:  5000
Price: Request for Quote


- Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, and markets linear and mixed-signal integrated circuits. The Company offers switching regulators, battery management, amplifiers, data converters, filters, opticals, and memory products. Maxim Integrated Products serves customers globally.

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