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MAX6320PUK29CY T Summary: MAX6320PUK29CY T from MAXIM is MAX6320PuK29CY+T MAXIM IC MPu/RESET CIRC 2.93V SOT23-5

23-SOT.jpg Part Number:  MAX6320PUK29CY+T
Description :  MAX6320PuK29CY+T MAXIM IC MPu/RESET CIRC 2.93V SOT23-5
Manufacturer: MAXIM
Quantity Avail:  1715
Price: Request for Quote


- Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, and markets linear and mixed-signal integrated circuits. The Company offers switching regulators, battery management, amplifiers, data converters, filters, opticals, and memory products. Maxim Integrated Products serves customers globally.

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MAX6365PKA46+T MAXIM max6365pka46+t maxim supervisor circuit 5.5v 1 channel sot-23-8 rohs
MAX6315US26D4+T MAXIM max6315us26d4+t maxim mpu supervisor 1v-5.5v supply active-low open-drain 2.688s delay/2.63v threshold sot-143-4 rohs
MAX6363HUT46+T MAXIM max6363hut46+t maxim supervisor open drain or open collector 15ua 2.5-5v 1 channel sot-23-6 rohs
MAX6303ESA+T Maxim max6303esa+t maxim supervisor ic
MAX6306UK30D3-T Maxim max6306uk30d3-t maxim integrated ic supervisory circuits
MAX6315US26D4+T Electronic Components max6315us26d4+t maxim ic supervisory 5.5v mpu sot-143-4
MAX6316LUK29CY Maxim maxim max6316luk29cy supervisory circuit 5-pin
MAX6326UR29 Maxim maxim max6326ur29 supervisory circuit 1 channel sot-23-3
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