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Z3SMC120 Details / Availability

Z3SMC120 Summary: Z3SMC120 from Diotec Semiconductor is Z3SMC120 Diotec single diode 5% 120V 3W 24mA SMC SMD reel tape

SMC-package.jpg Part Number:  Z3SMC120
Description :  Z3SMC120 Diotec single diode 5% 120V 3W 24mA SMC SMD reel tape
Manufacturer: Diotec Semiconductor
Category: Diodes & Rectifiers
Quantity Avail:  3238
Price: Request for Quote

Diotec Semiconductor

- While many manufacturers just buy the chips and assemble them into a package, Diotec has got the complete know how of semiconductor production. Especially Zener and TVS diodes, with their large variety of partnames, are a major challenge with respect to base material, logistics and diffusion technology. Diotec Semiconductor specializes in the design and manufacturing of discrete semiconductor components. Diotec diodes, bipolar junction transistors, MOSFETs, and linear voltage regulators address a wide diversity of applications, ranging from industrial and automotive to consumer electronics.

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Z3SMC120 Diotec z3smc120 diotec semiconductor zener smc 120v 3w 5% tape & reel (tr)
Z3SMC13 Diotec z3smc13 diotec semiconductor zener smc 13v 3w 5% tape & reel (tr)
Z3SMC130 Diotec z3smc130 diotec semiconductor zener smc 130v 3w 5% tape & reel (tr)
Z3SMC15 Diotec z3smc15 diotec semiconductor zener smc 15v 3w 5% tape & reel (tr)
Z3SMC150 Diotec z3smc150 diotec semiconductor zener smc 150v 3w 5% tape & reel (tr)
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Z3SMC24 Diotec z3smc24 diotec semiconductor zener smc 24v 3w 5% tape & reel (tr)
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Z3SMC33 Diotec z3smc33 diotec semiconductor zener smc 33v 3w 5% tape & reel (tr)
Z3SMC36 Diotec z3smc36 diotec semiconductor zener smc 36v 3w 5% tape & reel (tr)
Z3SMC39 Diotec z3smc39 diotec semiconductor zener smc 39v 3w 5% tape & reel (tr)
Z3SMC43 Diotec z3smc43 diotec semiconductor zener smc 43v 3w 5% tape & reel (tr)
Z3SMC47 Diotec z3smc47 diotec semiconductor zener smc 47v 3w 5% tape & reel (tr)
Z3SMC51 Diotec z3smc51 diotec semiconductor zener smc 51v 3w 5% tape & reel (tr)
Z3SMC56 Diotec z3smc56 diotec semiconductor zener smc 56v 3w 5% tape & reel (tr)
Z3SMC6.8 Diotec z3smc6.8 diotec semiconductor zener smc 6.8v 3w 5% tape & reel (tr)
Z3SMC62 Diotec z3smc62 diotec semiconductor zener smc 62v 3w 5% tape & reel (tr)
Z3SMC68 Diotec z3smc68 diotec semiconductor zener smc 68v 3w 5% tape & reel (tr)
Z3SMC7.5 Diotec z3smc7.5 diotec semiconductor zener smc 7.5v 3w 5% tape & reel (tr)
Z3SMC75 Diotec z3smc75 diotec semiconductor zener smc 75v 3w 5% tape & reel (tr)
Z3SMC8.2 Diotec z3smc8.2 diotec semiconductor zener smc 8.2v 3w 5% tape & reel (tr)
Z3SMC82 Diotec z3smc82 diotec semiconductor zener smc 82v 3w 5% tape & reel (tr)
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