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OPTEK Optoelectronic LED Distributor Distributor Global OPTEK Distributor IBS Electronics OPTEK Parts TT electronics OPTEK Technology has been an innovative provider of optoelectronic components and assemblies for nearly 40 years.

With a worldwide presence and a product portfolio including standard and custom solutions for optoelectronic sensors and switches, magnetic sensors, fiber optic components, visible LEDs and LED assemblies, OPTEK is well-equipped to meet your needs .
OPTEK Products:
  • Optoelectronic Sensors & Switches
  • Magnetic Sensors
  • Fiber Optic Components
  • Visible LEDs
Optoelectronic Sensors & Switches:
OPTEK optoelectronic components for medical, industrial, military, high reliability, commercial, and automotive applications combine design flexibility with the highest reliability. Available in any package type and size, think OPTEK for your next fluid sensor, slotted or reflective switch, pill pack, or isolator design.
OPTEK Magnetic Sensors:
For performance and flexibility beyond current position sensor technologies, specify OPTEK's Autopad technology and hall-effect sensor offering. Our magnetoresistive components are used extensively in the automotive industry for engine controls, ignition security and a host of other underhood applications.
OPTEK Fiber Optic Components:
Delivering the highest coupling performance and thermal stability, our fiber optic VCSELs, transmitters, receivers, and transceivers are designed for optimum performance in fiber optic data communications applications.
OPTEK Visible LEDs:
OPTEK Kingbright LED Specifications:
As a major provider of high reliability LEDs and LED assemblies for signage, backlighting, channel lighting, high brightness indicators and illuminators, automotive interior and exterior lighting, architectural and entertainment lighting applications, OPTEK's standard and custom LED devices are available in the package sizes and power ratings to meet all your lighting needs.