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Atmel Semiconductors - Components Distributor Atmel Corporation, founded in 1984, is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of advanced semiconductors, including advanced logic, nonvolatile memory, mixed signal and RF integrated circuits.

The company focuses on embedded systems built around microcontrollers. Its products include microcontrollers (8-bit AVR, 32-bit AVR, 32-bit ARM-based, automotive grade, and 8-bit Intel 8051 derivatives) radio frequency (RF) devices including Wi-Fi, EEPROM, and flash memory devices, symmetric and asymmetric security chips, touch sensors and controllers, and application-specific products. Atmel supplies its devices as standard products, application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), or application-specific standard product (ASSPs) depending on the requirements of its customers.

Atmel serves applications including consumer, communications, computer networking, industrial, medical, automotive, aerospace and military. It specializes in microcontroller and touch systems, especially for embedded systems.

Atmel's corporate headquarters is in San Jose, California. Other locations include Trondheim, Norway, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Chennai, India, Shanghai, China, Taipei, Taiwan, Rousset, France, Nantes, France, Patras, Greece, Heilbronn, Germany, Munich, Germany, Whiteley, United Kingdom, Cairo, Egypt. Atmel makes much of its product line at vendor fabrication facilities. It owns a facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado that manufactures its XSense line of flexible touch sensors.

In 2016, Microchip agreed to buy Atmel for $3.6 Billion

Atmel is one of the elite new companies capable of integrating dense nonvolatile memory, logic and analog functions on a single chip. Atmel chips are manufactured using the most advanced wafer processes, including BiCMOS, CMOS and Silicon Germanium (SiGe) technologies.



  Customer Specific ICs
  FPGA Conversion ULC
  Flash Memory
  Parallel EEPROM
  Serial EEPROM
  Serial FLASH
  Stacked Modules
Network Storage
  Data Storage
  AT91 ARM Thumb
  AVR 8-Bit RISC
  CAN Networking
  MARC4 4-Bit Architecture
  USB Controllers
Programmable Logic
  Field Programmable Gate Array
  FPGA Configuration Memory
Communication ICs
  Advanced DSP
  Cellular / Infrastructure ICs
  Corded Phone ICs
  Cordless Phone ICs
  Internet Appliances & VoIP
  Smart RF
  Wireless LAN
Security & Smart Card ICs
  Crypto & Secure Memories
  Embedded Security (TPM)
  RF Identification
  Secure Microcontrollers/ARM SecurCore™-based
  Secure Microcontrollers/AVR-based
  Secure Microcontrollers/M68HC05-based
  Secure RF Smart Card ICs
  Smart Card Reader ICs
  SiGe Bipolar
  UHF6 Bipolar I2L

Automotive & Industrial

  Automotive Control
  CAN Networking
  Industrial Control
  MARC4 4-Bit Architecture
  Serial EEPROM
Multimedia & Imaging
  Broadcast Radio
  CCD Industrial Cameras
  CCD Image Sensors
  CMOS Imaging Solutions
  Digital Camera Solutions
  Dream Sound Synthesis
  DVD/CD Storage Chipsets
  IR Control
  MP3 Player
Military & Aerospace
  ASICs for Military & Avionics
  Broadband Data Conversion
  CCD Image Sensors
  EPLD Military Devices
  High Rel Microprocessors
  Space Rad Hard ICs
Other ASSPs
  Broadband Data Conversion
  Power Management

Applications:(FPGA Conversion ULC Device/s)     

  • ATU18: The ATU18 series of ULCs is well suited for conversion of latest CPLDs and FPGAs. We can support within one ULC from 62 Kbits to 1195 Kbits DPRAM and from 82 Kgates to 1575 Kgates.

  • UA1: 0.35 um ULC Series. Up to 1,000,000 gates

  • UA1E: 0.35 um ULC Series with Embedded DPRAM. From 46K gates up to 780K gates supported and from 18 Kbit to 390 Kbit DPRAM.

  • UG1: 0.6 um ULC Series

  • UG2: 0.5 um ULC Series

     Characteristics: (FPGA Conversion ULC Device/s)       Specifications:(FPGA Conversion ULC Device/s)