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TI Semiconductors - Texas Instruments Semiconductors Distributor Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) is an American technology company that designs and manufactures semiconductors, which it sells to electronics designers and manufacturers globally. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, United States, TI is one of the top ten semiconductor companies worldwide, based on sales volume. Texas Instruments focus is on developing analog chips and embedded processors. Texas Instruments also produces TI digital light processing (DLP) technology and education technology products including calculators, microcontrollers and multi-core processors. To date, Texas Instruments has more than 43,000 patents worldwide.

Texas Instruments Incorporated is a global analog and digital semiconductor IC design and manufacturing company. It designs and manufactures semiconductor solutions for analog and digital embedded and application processing. The company operates through the following business segments: Analog & Embedded Processing. The Analog segment semiconductors change real-world signals such as sound, temperature, pressure or images, by conditioning them, amplifying them and often converting them to a stream of digital data that can be processed by other semiconductors, such as embedded processors. Embedded processing segment designed to handle specific tasks and can be optimized for various combinations of performance, power and cost, depending on the application. The company was founded by Cecil H. Green, Patrick Eugene Haggerty, John Erik Jonsson and Eugene McDermott in 1930.

Texas Instruments Incorporated (NASDAQ : TXN) is the world leader in digital signal processing and analog technologies, the semiconductor engines of the Internet age.

TI is a leader in the real-time technologies that help people communicate. We are moving fast to drive the Internet age forward with semiconductor solutions for large markets such as wireless and broadband access and for new emerging markets such as digital cameras and digital audio.

TI envisions a world where every phone call, every Internet connection, every photograph you take, every song you listen to are touched by the power of TIs Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and Analog technologies.

Texas Instruments Product Line

Displays - - Lasers
Drivers - - LED Lighting
Fiber Optics - -1 Optical Detectors and Sensors

Embedded Solutions
Engineering Tools - - Video Modules
RF / Wireless Modules

Active Filters - - Equalizers
Amplifier ICs - - Integrated Circuits - ICs
Audio ICs - - Interface ICs
Clock & Timer ICs - - Logic ICs
Communication & Networking ICs - - Memory
Counter ICs - - Multimedia ICs
Data Converter ICs - - Power Management ICs
Digital Potentiometer ICs - - Programmable Logic ICs
Discrete Semiconductors - - RF Integrated Circuits
Driver ICs - - RF Semiconductors
Embedded Processors & Controllers - - Sensor ICs
Engineering Development Tools - - Switch ICs

Circuit Protection
ESD Suppressors - - TVS Diodes
Passive Components
Antennas - - Frequency Control & Timing Devices
EMI Filters / EMI Suppression - - Potentiometers, Trimmers & Rheostats
Headers & Wire Housings - - Memory Connectors
IC & Component Sockets
Wire & Cable
Cable Assemblies - - Fiber Optic
Motors & Drives - - Switches
Capacitive Touch Sensors - - Optical Sensors
Current Sensors - - Proximity Sensors
Environmental Sensors - - Sensor Development Tools
Magnetic Sensors - - Temperature Sensors
Enclosures, Boxes, & Cases
Thermal Management
Temperature Sensors
DC/DC Converters - - Power Management ICs

Tools & Supplies
Prototyping Products

  • Digital Signal Processors (DSPs)
  • Analog & Mixed Signal
    • Amplifiers and Linear
    • Data Converters
    • Interface Products
    • Power Management
    • Audio
    • Clocks and Timers
    • Control and Monitoring
    • RF
    • Wireless and Telecom
    • Video and Imaging
    • Logic
    • Programmable Logic
    • FIFOs
  • Microcontrollers
  • Broadband Solutions
  • Wireless Solutions
  • DLPT - DMD DiscoveryT
  • ASIC
  • Military
  • Automotive
  • Space Products
Applications: Digital Signal Processors (DSPs)
  • C6000

    TMS320C6000 High Performance DSPs delivering new levels of C-based performance and cost efficiency, with low power dissipation, for broadband networks and digitized imaging applications. Includes code compatible C62x and C64x fixed point DSPs; C67x floating point DSPs.

  • C5000

    TMS320C5000 Power Efficient DSPs delivering optimal combination of performance, peripheral options, small packaging and the best power-efficiency for personal and portable Internet and wireless communications. Includes code compatible C54x and C55x fixed point DSPs.

  • C2000

    TMS320C2000 Control Optimized DSPs delivering highest performance, greatest code efficiency and optimal peripheral integration for the digital control revolution. Includes code compatible C24x and C28x fixed point DSPs.

  • OMAP

    OMAP Processors integrating the command and control functionality of ARM, coupled with low-power, real-time signal processing capabilities of a DSP. Optimized for mobile Internet devices and multimedia appliances.

  • Other TMS320 DSPs All other TMS320 DSPs including C33x floating point DSPs

Featured Products

Texas Instruments Motor Control
TI's motor drive and control system solutions get your industrial motors spinning faster, safer and greener.

Texas Instruments Clock and Timing Solutions
Texas Instruments is an industry leader in high performance clock and timing products.

Texas Instruments DLP Technology
TIs DLP technology enables a diverse range of display and advanced light control applications.

Texas Instruments Interface Solutions
Interface IC solutions from analog and digital CAN chips, USB 3.0, and serial, digital and circuit interface.

Texas Instruments Analog Solutions
The latest TI developments offering wide portfolio of analog devices to take your design to the next level.

Texas Instruments Design Tools
TI provides the newest, cutting edge development kits and evaluation boards spanning a wide range of technologies.

Texas Instruments Amplifiers and Linear Solutions
TI delivers a broad portfolio of amplifier and linear solutions.

Texas Instruments Sensing Innovation
TI's analog portfolio provides solutions to speed the design cycle with the right signal acquisition solutions.

Texas Instruments Wireless Connectivity
TI offers the largest selection of wireless connectivity solutions for 14 standards and technologies.

Texas Instruments ADC Solutions
Large portfolio of ADCs from precision to high speed.

Texas Instruments DAC Solutions
Large portfolio of DACs from precision to high speed.

Texas Instruments Wide VIN DC/DC Power Solutions
Industry's most comprehensive DC/DC portfolio to meet the demands of today's high-performance systems.

Texas Instruments MCU LaunchPad Evaluation Kits
Choose from a variety of low-cost kits & BoosterPack plug-in modules.

Texas Instruments SimpleSwitcher Power Modules
Providing an all-in-one power solution in a small, easy-to-use package for a wide variety of power designs.

Texas Instruments Lighting Solutions
Broad product portfolio for general lighting, signage, backlighting and automotive applications.