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Firstohm MELF Resistors

Firstohm MELF Resistors, FIRSTOHM can propose not only a excellent choice of "trought hole" and "melf" resistor but can also co-operate by following way:

    Resistor application consulting
  • Development of specialty resistor according to your requirements
  • Resistor COST DOWN by equivalent substitute and multi-functional resistor to reduce other components.
With the constant research of best quality, during the years FIRSTOHM achieve this follow certification:
    1998 Awarded DIN EN ISO-9002 by TUV CERT Certification Body of TUV Anlagentechnik GmbH, Germany
  • 2000 ISO 14001 certified
  • 2001 ISO 14001 Green Dove Award received
  • 2004 High-Voltage Resistor (HVR series) passed VDE0860 (EN60065)
  • 2011 ISO 9001:2008 certified- SGS patent granted by European Patent Office
  • 2012 SGS patent granted in Japan, China, and Korea

Wire Wound
1/2~8 0.1~3.3K

Zero Ohm Metal Film
N/A 10m-5A ZOM

Medium Voltage
1/4~2 1~4.7M MVR

Short Circuit Protection
1/2~1 2.2~3.3K SCP

High Humidity
1/8 10~1M WHR25

Zero Ohm Metal Film
N/A 20m-4A ZMM

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