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Firstohm Technologies Corporation

Firstohm-logo Founded in September 1969, Firstohm is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of resistor products.

First resistor capacitor Limited (Firstohm) was founded in 1969, specializes in manufacturing the world's few resistors and technical capacity to manufacture the cylindrical chip resistors MELF manufacturers to fully grasp market opportunities, access to a number of companies favor. Always uphold the "sustainable management, continuous innovation and excellence, lifelong learning," corporate culture, expertise and dedication of the philosophy and principles of sound management, a first resistor capacitor Co., Ltd. has more than forty years deep in the passive components industry, to create a good reputation .

Business philosophy: Technology changes with each passing day, the first resistance Capacitor Co., Ltd. currently produces and sells products for electronic circuits in the necessary basic components. Over the years the company is committed to the production of automation and improve the process, production efficiency and product quality, while ensuring that the price competitive and meet customer needs.

Core competitive advantage
product diversification - including the cylindrical chip resistors, surge resistance, high voltage resistors, precision resistors and current sense resistors and other special resistors. Strong manufacturing capability and highly automated production lines.
R & D full-time - the company's own research and development departments and technical staff have many years of experience in primary production system, in improving efficiency, accuracy and reduce wear and tear on the ability are very excellent.
Analysis of comprehensive - from the early technical advice to the late resistance of the product selection process, the Company and customers work closely with the continuous communication.
Service Customization - We can provide different products and delivery methods to meet the customer's product life cycle.

Main products:

Axial Taped Resistors Metal Film & Carbon Film
Metal Oxide Resistors
Wirewound Resistors
High Voltage Resistors
Fuse Resistors
Nonflammable Resistors
Zero Ohm Resistor