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Components Corporation Test Points Distributor Components Corporation is the global leader in the design, manufacture and engineering of precision printed circuit card edge connectors, printed circuit test points, interconnect and testing devices, preform jumpers and hardware, and battery contacts.

We remain committed to solving the industry's most demanding interconnect and testing challenges with high-quality and innovative products for the broadest range of mission-critical applications. Our industrial, military, commercial and consumer customer base have come to rely on our in-house tooling capability to ensure the excellence and economy of products regardless of the quantity required.

IBS Electronics is a Components Corp authorized distributor. As a ISO 9001:2015 & AS9120 certified distributor of electronic components you can trust IBS Electronics to offer you the best prices on Components Corp's components and the highest level of quality assurance in the industry. Diptronics Catalog

Components Corporation Products:
Printed Circuit Wireform Interconnect Products

  • Printed Circuit Card Edge Connectors
    • DIGI-KLIP DRP Series
    • DIGI-KLIP MDR100 Series
    • DIGI-KLIP SMP/SMA Series
    • DIGI-KLIP SRP Series
    • DIGI-KLIP High Performance

  • Printed Circuit Test Points
    • ATP-402 Series
    • TP-101 Series
    • TP-102 Series
    • TP-103 Series
    • TP-104 Series
    • TP-105 Series
    • TP-106 Series
    • TP-107 Series
    • TP-108 Series

  • Print Circuit Mounted Fuse Clips
    • MC-27
  • Preform SJ and PJ Jumpers
    • PJ-201 Series
    • SJ Series
  • Preform Jumpers Card Guide
    • MC-10 Card Guide
  • Portable Electronic Battery Contacts
    • BC 501 Battery Contacts
  • Custom Wireform Manufacturing
Components Corporation Application:
DIGI-KLIP DRP Series Dual Readout Components Corporation Application
Components Corporation Characteristics:

DIGI-KLIP DRP Series Dual Readout
Components Corporation Specifications:
  • DRP100: .100" x .200", 26 contact pairs per carrier maximum
  • DRP150: .150" x .200", 16 contact pairs per carrier maximum
  • DRP156: .156" x .200", 22 contact pairs per carrier maximum

Contact Material:
  • 0201" diameter beryllium copper wire, heat treated after forming

Module Board Thickness: .062" +/- .007"

Carrier Strip Material: Glass filled polyester, disposable, available in any combination from two contact pairs to maximum carrier length. Multiple carriers may be mounted in tandem to achieve any contact configuration.
Insert/Withdrawal Life: Greater than 5000 cycles without increase in contact resistance or reduction in contact pressure.
Contact Normal Force: 4.0 oz., typical per contact with .062" nominal PC board
Mounting Holes: .031" diameter, plated-through
Contact Resistance: Less than .005 ohm per contact
Maximum Current: 3.0 amperes per contact