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SWCC ShowaSWCC Showa Holdings is an umbrella group of Japanese businesses handling development, manufacture and sales of electrical cables and wires, coils, electrical systems, communications systems and related devices. The company works under the slogan "Creating for the Future."

swcc wires & cables SWCC SHOWA HOLDINGS CO., LTD. is a Japan-based holding company that operates in six business segments. The Electrical Wire Rod segment manufactures and sells bare wires, bus lines, gum and plastic coated wires. The Electricity System segment manufactures and sells power cables and equipment, as well as engages in the design and contract of power work. The Winding Wire segment manufactures and sells winding wires. The Communication System segment manufactures and sells fiber cables and communication cables, as well as engages in communication works and the design and contract work of network solution systems. The Device segment manufactures and sells wiring harness, seismic isolation, damping, noise damper device, copiers, printers, printing machine for device, among others. The Others segment is involved in the logistics, affairs management, material research and development, as well as superconducting wire manufacture and sale businesses.

SHOWA Electric Established by the Tokyo Electric Corporation (now Toshiba Corporation) in 1936.

Showa Electric Wire & Cable, design, manufacture, sell, and install the following items:
  • Optical Fiber CableInstallation Equipment
  • Photonics Products (Optical Device,Optical Connector Assembly)
  • Communication Cable
  • Industrial Cable (Assembly)
  • Electrical Device (Delayline,SAW Device)
  • Wireless System
  • Network System
  • Electric Power Cable and related Products
  • System Design and Installation
  • Bare wire,aluminum wire
  • Vibration control system (Seismic isolator)
  • Precision Device (Heat roller)
  • Superconductive wire, etc.
  • Optical Device
    • Attenuation Fibers
    • Fixed Optical Attenuators
    • MD Connector
    • PB Stripper
    • Planer Lightwave Circuit Splitter
    • S-nap tool(TM)
    • S-Tylus(TM) series
    • Terminator
    • Wideband WDM Fiber Coupler
  • Electronic Device
  • Industrial Wire Cell
  • Vibration Isolating Products
  • Varsitor
Optical Device
Applications (Attenuation Fibers):

Communication systems field is one that has greatly contributed to the establishment of the communication grid, as well as the improvement of the electric power grid. Nowadays optical fiber cables are mainly utilized in the communication grid instead of metallic cables, and the field continues to manufacture a wide range of products that includes various trunk cables, to cables that transmits data to each home and peripheral equipment. From the communication infrastructure development in newly emerging countries to fine coaxial cables that are necessary for mobile phones, laptops and game consoles, the field is contributing to the realization of a totally ubiquitous society.

Optical fibers

Wide range of supplying following optical fibers
Low-water-peak single mode optical fiber 
Bending-loss insensitive single mode optical fiber

Optical fiber cables

Optical fiber cable having key role in the highly networked information society.
Showa's optical fiber cable used for trunk line systems which transmit with high-speed and capacity, cable connecting around metro area and regional user’s connection to optical network.

Optical connector assemblies

Optical fiber cable with connector and finished optical good connected to optical transmission devices.

LAN cables

Applied to 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet) Standard etc.

Network solution

Leakage coaxial cables

Used for reception of cable and Standard television signal and high-speed mobile telecommunications

  • These attenuation fibers are for fixed attenuators, such as SC, FC, ST, LC, MU type connectors.
  • The Attenuation Fiber of Showa Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd., which is formed of a core doped with cobalt is characterized by its refractive index profile and superior in the attenuation property.

Attenuation Fiber Data Sheet


Water-cooled cable

IBS Electronics is an authorized distributor for Showa Electric Wire & Cable.