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Cvilux Corporation

cvilux-logoEstablished in 1990, CviLux is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Connectors, FFC (Flexible Flat Cables), and Wire Harnesses. Cvilux's product range is primarily designed for applications in consumer electronics, computers, communication, and electro-optical industries. Cvilux specializes in the manufacture of a broad range of connectors including I/O, FFC/FPC, wire to board, board to board and flat flexible cable. In addition it offers custom cable and fibre optic assemblies and wire harness assemblies. Cvilux products are designed mainly for use in consumer electronics, computing, communication and electro-optical applications.

CviLux has its headquarters equipped with high-precision automatic production lines in Tamsui, Taipei. Additionally, we operate seven manufacturing plants located in Tamsui (Taiwan), Dongguan, Suzhou, Chongqing (China), and Laos. This extensive presence allows us to meet the global demand and ensure timely deliveries.

The manufacturing company of connectors is a competitive alternative to well-known
manufacturers (Tyco, Molex, Hirose, JST, etc.). Cross-reference data download.

The product range includes following products:

  • FFC/ FPC connectors
  • FFC foil cables
  • IDC connectors (inkl. flat ribbon cables)
  • Plug and female connectors
  • Modular Jack-, USB- und power connectors
  • Wire-to-board connectors

At CviLux, they take pride in their commitment to stability, speed, and quality. CviLux's goal is to continually improve and offer faster, superior products that add value to our customers. CviLux strives to provide excellent service, aiming to earn and maintain your trust. As we move forward, CviLux remains dedicated to enhancing their product offerings and delivering exceptional service. Their focus is on meeting your evolving needs and providing innovative solutions that exceed your expectations.

FFC / FPC Connectors
FFC/ FPC Connectors
Flat Flexible
& LVDS FFC Cables 
Flexible LVDS FFC Cables
Wire to Board
Wire to Board Connector
Power Connector
Board to Board
Board to Board Connector
Pin Header
Pin Header
Socket Connector
D-Sub Connector
Telephone/ Modular
Jack Connectors
Modular Jack Connector
I/O Connectors
I/O Connector
RF/ Microwafe Coaxial Connectors
RF/ Microwafe Coaxial Connector
LED Holder
Fiber Optical
LED Holder
LVDS Connector
Cable Assembly
Cable Assembly

CviLux Connectors Catalogue

Tyco TE CviLux Cross Reference

CviLux Corporation (listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange) manufactures connectors, flat flexible cables (FFC), and wire harnesses in Taiwan and internationally. Its connectors include application tooling, board to board connectors, FFC/FPC connectors, I/O connectors, IC sockets, power connectors, wire to board connectors, CCFL connectors, and LVDS connectors. The company's cable assemblies comprise express cards, PCI-E cards, hubs, adapters, and transmission cables. It also offers PCBA turnkey solutions. The company's products are used in consumer electronics, computers, communications, and electro-optical applications. The company was founded in 1990 and is headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

In addition to high quality custom connectors, CviLux also produces custom cables and wire harness assemblies as well as direct component alternatives to branded parts, such as Molex. Products are typically used in consumer electronics, computers, communications and electro-optical industries where precision manufacturing is essential. If you need a custom connector, cable or wire harness assembly, please contact IBS Electronics with your requirements.