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KH214-810B0R82 Details / Availability

KH214-810B0R82 Summary: KH214-810B0R82 from Vitrohm is KH214-810B0R82 Vitrohm Resistor

vitrohm-KH210.jpg Part Number:  KH214-810B0R82
Description :  KH214-810B0R82 Vitrohm Resistor
Manufacturer: Vitrohm
Category: Resistors
Datasheet: Click here for Datasheet I
Quantity Avail:  144
Price: Request for Quote


- Vitrohm is an electrical resistors manufacturer with European production and a recognized specialist for power and shunt resistors, which meets customers' needs all over the world for more than 40 years.

Vitrohm is a high quality manufacturer of resistive products, specialized in producing different kinds of wirewound resistors (coated, molded, ceramic or aluminum housed) and film resistors (metal glaze, metal oxide), either surface mount or through hole mountable. Besides offering standard versions, Vitrohm also offers extended specifications and custom solutions, i.e., wirewound resistors with higher pulse capability. Vitrohm is continuously expanding its product range to offer state-of-the-art products driven from market demands and applications. Vitrohm is ISO 9001 qualified. Founded in 1933 in Denmark, the company today is an independent business unit of YAGEO Corporation in Taiwan.

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KH214-810B4K7 Vitrohm kh214-810b4k7 vitrohm resistor
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KH214-810B510R Vitrohm kh214-810b510r vitrohm resistor
KH214-810B51R Vitrohm kh214-810b51r vitrohm resistor
KH214-810B560R Vitrohm kh214-810b560r vitrohm resistor
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KH214-84010B39R Vitrohm kh214-84010b39r vitrohm resistor
KH214-8405B22R Vitrohm kh214-8405b22r vitrohm resistor
KH214-8405B33R Vitrohm kh214-8405b33r vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B0R1 Vitrohm kh214-85b0r1 vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B0R22 Vitrohm kh214-85b0r22 vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B0R33 Vitrohm kh214-85b0r33 vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B0R47 Vitrohm kh214-85b0r47 vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B0R82 Vitrohm kh214-85b0r82 vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B100R Vitrohm kh214-85b100r vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B10K Vitrohm kh214-85b10k vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B120R Vitrohm kh214-85b120r vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B12K Vitrohm kh214-85b12k vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B12R Vitrohm kh214-85b12r vitrohm resistor
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KH214-85B3R Vitrohm kh214-85b3r vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B3R3 Vitrohm kh214-85b3r3 vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B470R Vitrohm kh214-85b470r vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B47R Vitrohm kh214-85b47r vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B4K7 Vitrohm kh214-85b4k7 vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B4R7 Vitrohm kh214-85b4r7 vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B560R Vitrohm kh214-85b560r vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B56R Vitrohm kh214-85b56r vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B5R6 Vitrohm kh214-85b5r6 vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B62R Vitrohm kh214-85b62r vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B680R Vitrohm kh214-85b680r vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B68R Vitrohm kh214-85b68r vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B6K8 Vitrohm kh214-85b6k8 vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B6R8 Vitrohm kh214-85b6r8 vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B820R Vitrohm kh214-85b820r vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B82R Vitrohm kh214-85b82r vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B8K2 Vitrohm kh214-85b8k2 vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B8R2 Vitrohm kh214-85b8r2 vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B9K1 Vitrohm kh214-85b9k1 vitrohm resistor
KH214-85R12R Vitrohm kh214-85r12r vitrohm resistor
KH214-85R1R Vitrohm kh214-85r1r vitrohm resistor
KH214-85R22K Vitrohm kh214-85r22k vitrohm resistor
KH214-85R22R Vitrohm kh214-85r22r vitrohm resistor
KH214-85R270R Vitrohm kh214-85r270r vitrohm resistor
KH214-85R27K Vitrohm kh214-85r27k vitrohm resistor
KH214-85R2K7 Vitrohm kh214-85r2k7 vitrohm resistor
KH214-85B100R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b100r wirewound resistor 100r ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-05B100R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-05b100r wirewound resistor 100rc0 ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B10R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b10r wirewound resistor 10r ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B12R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b12r wirewound resistor 12r ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B13K Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b13k wirewound resistor 13k ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B150R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b150r wirewound resistor 150r ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B15R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b15r wirewound resistor 15r ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B180R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b180r wirewound resistor 180r ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B18R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b18r wirewound resistor 18r ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-05B18R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-05b18r wirewound resistor 18rc0 ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B1K2 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b1k2 wirewound resistor 1k2 ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B1K Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b1k wirewound resistor 1k ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-05B1K Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-05b1k wirewound resistor 1kc0 ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B1R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b1r wirewound resistor 1r ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B200R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b200r wirewound resistor 200r ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B20R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b20r wirewound resistor 20r ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B220R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b220r wirewound resistor 220r ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B22K Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b22k wirewound resistor 22k ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B22R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b22r wirewound resistor 22r ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B27R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b27r wirewound resistor 27r ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B2K2 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b2k2 wirewound resistor 2k2 ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B2R2 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b2r2 wirewound resistor 2r2 ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B2R7 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b2r7 wirewound resistor 2r7 ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B30R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b30r wirewound resistor 30r ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B330R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b330r wirewound resistor 330r ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B33K Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b33k wirewound resistor 33k ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B33R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b33r wirewound resistor 33r ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B3K9 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b3k9 wirewound resistor 3k9 ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B3R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b3r wirewound resistor 3r ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B470R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b470r wirewound resistor 470r ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B47R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b47r wirewound resistor 47r ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B4R7 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b4r7 wirewound resistor 4r7 ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-8405B50R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-8405b50r wirewound resistor 50rp0 ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B51R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b51r wirewound resistor 51r ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B560R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b560r wirewound resistor 560r ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B5K6 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b5k6 wirewound resistor 5k6 ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-05B5K6 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-05b5k6 wirewound resistor 5k6c0 ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B5R6 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b5r6 wirewound resistor 5r6 ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-8405B5R6 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-8405b5r6 wirewound resistor 5r6p0 ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B62R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b62r wirewound resistor 62r ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B680R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b680r wirewound resistor 680r ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B68R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b68r wirewound resistor 68r ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B6K8 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b6k8 wirewound resistor 6k8 ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B6R8 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b6r8 wirewound resistor 6r8 ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B82R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b82r wirewound resistor 82r ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B9K1 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b9k1 wirewound resistor 9k1 ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85B0R47 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85b0r47 wirewound resistor r47 ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85R120R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85r120r wirewound resistor 120r ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85R18K Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85r18k wirewound resistor 18k ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85R270R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85r270r wirewound resistor 270r ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85R2K2 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85r2k2 wirewound resistor 2k2 ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-85R47R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-85r47r wirewound resistor 47r ohm 0.05 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B100R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b100r wirewound resistor 100r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-010B100R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-010b100r wirewound resistor 100rc0 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B10K Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b10k wirewound resistor 10k ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B10R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b10r wirewound resistor 10r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-84010B10R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-84010b10r wirewound resistor 10rp0 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B120R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b120r wirewound resistor 120r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-010B120R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-010b120r wirewound resistor 120rc0 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B12K Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b12k wirewound resistor 12k ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B12R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b12r wirewound resistor 12r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B150R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b150r wirewound resistor 150r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B15K Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b15k wirewound resistor 15k ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B15R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b15r wirewound resistor 15r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B180R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b180r wirewound resistor 180r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-84010B180R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-84010b180r wirewound resistor 180rp0 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B18K Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b18k wirewound resistor 18k ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B18R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b18r wirewound resistor 18r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-84010B18R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-84010b18r wirewound resistor 18rp0 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B1K2 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b1k2 wirewound resistor 1k2 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B1K5 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b1k5 wirewound resistor 1k5 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B1K8 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b1k8 wirewound resistor 1k8 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B1K Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b1k wirewound resistor 1k ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B1R2 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b1r2 wirewound resistor 1r2 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B1R5 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b1r5 wirewound resistor 1r5 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B1R8 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b1r8 wirewound resistor 1r8 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B1R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b1r wirewound resistor 1r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B20K Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b20k wirewound resistor 20k ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B20R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b20r wirewound resistor 20r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B220R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b220r wirewound resistor 220r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B22K Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b22k wirewound resistor 22k ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B22R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b22r wirewound resistor 22r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B270R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b270r wirewound resistor 270r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B27K Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b27k wirewound resistor 27k ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B27R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b27r wirewound resistor 27r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B2K2 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b2k2 wirewound resistor 2k2 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B2K7 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b2k7 wirewound resistor 2k7 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B2R2 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b2r2 wirewound resistor 2r2 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B2R7 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b2r7 wirewound resistor 2r7 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B30R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b30r wirewound resistor 30r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B330R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b330r wirewound resistor 330r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B33K Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b33k wirewound resistor 33k ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B33R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b33r wirewound resistor 33r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-84010B33R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-84010b33r wirewound resistor 33rp0 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B390R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b390r wirewound resistor 390r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B39R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b39r wirewound resistor 39r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-84010B39R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-84010b39r wirewound resistor 39rp0 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B3K3 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b3k3 wirewound resistor 3k3 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B3K9 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b3k9 wirewound resistor 3k9 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B3K Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b3k wirewound resistor 3k ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B3R3 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b3r3 wirewound resistor 3r3 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B3R9 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b3r9 wirewound resistor 3r9 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B470R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b470r wirewound resistor 470r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B47R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b47r wirewound resistor 47r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B4K7 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b4k7 wirewound resistor 4k7 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B4R7 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b4r7 wirewound resistor 4r7 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-84010B4R7 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-84010b4r7 wirewound resistor 4r7p0 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B51R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b51r wirewound resistor 51r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B560R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b560r wirewound resistor 560r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B56R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b56r wirewound resistor 56r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B5K6 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b5k6 wirewound resistor 5k6 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B5R1 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b5r1 wirewound resistor 5r1 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B5R6 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b5r6 wirewound resistor 5r6 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-84010B5R6 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-84010b5r6 wirewound resistor 5r6p0 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B680R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b680r wirewound resistor 680r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B68R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b68r wirewound resistor 68r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B6K2 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b6k2 wirewound resistor 6k2 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B6K8 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b6k8 wirewound resistor 6k8 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B6R8 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b6r8 wirewound resistor 6r8 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B820R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b820r wirewound resistor 820r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B82R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b82r wirewound resistor 82r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B8K2 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b8k2 wirewound resistor 8k2 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B8R2 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b8r2 wirewound resistor 8r2 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B0R12 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b0r12 wirewound resistor r12 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B0R15 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b0r15 wirewound resistor r15 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B0R1 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b0r1 wirewound resistor r1 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B0R22 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b0r22 wirewound resistor r22 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B0R27 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b0r27 wirewound resistor r27 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B0R33 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b0r33 wirewound resistor r33 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B0R39 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b0r39 wirewound resistor r39 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B0R47 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b0r47 wirewound resistor r47 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B0R51 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b0r51 wirewound resistor r51 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B0R56 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b0r56 wirewound resistor r56 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B0R62 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b0r62 wirewound resistor r62 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B0R68 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b0r68 wirewound resistor r68 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B0R82 Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b0r82 wirewound resistor r82 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-84010R10R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-84010r10r wirewound resistor 10rp0 ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810R22R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810r22r wirewound resistor 22r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810R68R Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810r68r wirewound resistor 68r ohm 0.1 10w smd 0938
KH214-810B1R VITROHM kh214-8 10b 15k vitrohm wirewound resistor resistor 15k ohm 10% 9w 10ppm/c conformal axial rohs
KH214-810B1R Vitrohm kh214-810b1r vitrohm resistor wirewound 1ohms 10% 9w rohs
KH214-810B20K Vitrohm vitrohm kh214-810b20k resistor wirewound 20 kohm 10% 9w rohs

Disclaimer: Our inventory list is frequently updated. However, parts are committed on a first come first serve basis. To ensure that the parts are available, please contact us.

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