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resistorResistors are fundamental electronic components that play a crucial role in electrical circuits. They are passive devices specifically designed to introduce resistance into a circuit, limiting the flow of electric current. Resistors are used for various purposes in electronic and electrical systems, making them one of the most commonly employed components in the field of electronics.

Some common types of resistors:

  1. Fixed Resistors:

    • Carbon Composition Resistors: These are one of the oldest types of resistors and are made by mixing carbon granules with a binder material. They are known for their low cost but have limited precision and stability.
    • Metal Film Resistors: Metal film resistors consist of a thin layer of metal (usually nickel-chromium) deposited onto a ceramic substrate. They offer higher precision, stability, and lower noise compared to carbon composition resistors.
    • Metal Oxide Resistors: These resistors use a metal oxide film, often tin oxide, as the resistive element. They provide good stability, higher power ratings, and are commonly used in power electronics.
    • Wirewound Resistors: Wirewound resistors are made by winding a resistance wire (usually nichrome) around a ceramic or fiberglass core. They offer high precision, high power handling, and are often used in precision applications.
  2. Variable Resistors (Potentiometers):

    • Rotary Potentiometers: These are adjustable resistors with a rotary knob that allows users to manually change the resistance value. They are commonly used for volume control and tuning in audio equipment.
    • Slide Potentiometers: Similar to rotary potentiometers, slide potentiometers have a linear slider for adjusting resistance. They are used in linear applications such as slide faders on audio mixers.
  3. Specialized Resistors:

    • Thermistors: Thermistors are resistors whose resistance varies significantly with temperature. They are used for temperature measurement and control in applications like thermostats and temperature sensors.
    • Light-Dependent Resistors (LDRs): LDRs have resistance that changes with light intensity. They are used in light-sensitive applications like streetlights and camera exposure control.
    • Varistors: Varistors are nonlinear resistors that change their resistance with voltage. They are used for surge protection in electronic circuits.
    • Resistor Arrays: These are multiple resistors housed in a single package, often with common pins. They are used in integrated circuits and precision applications.
  4. Surface Mount Resistors (SMD):

    • Surface mount resistors are designed for surface mount technology (SMT) applications, where components are mounted directly onto the surface of a printed circuit board (PCB). They come in various sizes and technologies, including thick-film, thin-film, and chip resistors.
  5. Power Resistors:

    • Power resistors are designed to handle high levels of power dissipation. They are used in high-current or high-voltage applications, such as power amplifiers and power supplies.
  6. Precision Resistors:

    • Precision resistors are engineered for accuracy and low tolerance levels. They are used in precision instruments, measurement equipment, and critical circuits where accuracy is paramount.
  7. Film Resistors:

    • Film resistors, including metal film and carbon film resistors, are known for their stability, precision, and reliability.
  8. Network Resistors:

    • Network resistors consist of multiple resistors in a single package, often used in divider and bridge circuits.

IBS Electronics is an industry leader in distributing the most precise, stable and reliable high quality resistors. Our portfolio has a broad range of offerings, providing products in a variety of resistor configurations and packages to meet the needs of a wide range of applications.

IBS Electronics has developed partnerships with multiple manufactures in the industry becoming their franchised distributors. Some of these manufacturers include: Vitrohm, Walsin, HTR , RG ALLEN. These franchise lines enable us to provide our customers with crosses for manufacturers across the board at a lower price and shorter lead time while maintaining form, fit and functionality.

These items can be found at our IBS Store or by selecting one of the manufacturers below for Product Information and a Request for Quote.

  • Vitrohm was first established in 1933 and became a part of the Yageo Group in 1996. Currently they have approximately 200 employees and have production sites in both China and Portugal. IBS Electronics is a franchised distributor for all of Vitrohm’s offerings including: Wire Wound Resistors, SMD Resistors, Low OHM Resistors, Meta Glaze Resistors and High power Wire Wound Resistors.
  • Walsin Technology Corporation was founded in 1985. R&D, manufacture and sale of ceramic electronic components for the electronic and electrical engineering industries. IBS Electronics carries a wide range of their product offerings including: Carbon Composition Resistors, Ceramic Composition Resistors, Current Sense Resistors (SMD) and Thick Film Resistors (SMD).
  • Since inception in 1988, Hi Tech Resistors Pvt Ltd, popularly known as HTR in the electronics industry worldwide, has grown to become one of the leading resistor manufacturer in the world. HTR’s state of the art manufacturing facility at Nagpur in India produces over a hundred thousand wire wound and low ohm current sense resistors everyday in a wide variety of mounting and housing configurations. IBS Electronics is a worldwide distributor of HTR’S product offerings including: Wire Wound Resistors, Current Sense Resistors, Surface Mount Resistors, Automotive Applications and Custom Products.
  • RG ALLEN is part of IBS Electronics Group therefore we have direct access to their stock and close relationships with their engineers for custom products. RG ALLEN’s line offers Wire Wound Resistors, Current Sense Resistors, Surface Mount Resistors, Automotive Applications and Custom Products.
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In addition to our franchise lines we actively stock and order parts from the following manufacturers: