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Thermistors - Temperature Sensors

MicrothermMicrotherm as the first manufacturer in Germany, since more than 50 years on the market, offers the widest range of: Thermostat, temperature limiter, temperature switch, current limiter, temperature regulator, thermal motor protection, temperature fuse, PTC, motor thermistor, NTC, Moxie, temperature probe, current sensitive switch.

A thermistor is an element with an electrical resistance that changes in response to temperature. This name is derived from the more descriptive term " THERMally sensitive resISTOR". Modern thermistor technology results in the production of devices with extremely precise resistance versus temperature characteristics, making them the most advantageous sensor for a wide variety of applications.

Temperature measurement and protection of your product and application are Microtherm's focus. Microtherm development and production experience is the basis of their success. Countless industries rely on Microtherm's know-how.

Microtherm ProductsMicrotherm's Products Microtherm's thermistors are used in a large variety of applications such as automotive monitor and control exhaust emissions, ice detection, skin sensors, blood and urine analyzers, refrigerators, freezers, mobile phones, base stations laser drives, and battery pack charging. In the precision instrumentation applications, thermistors are used in hand-held meters and temperature gauges.

Microtherm ThermistorsMICROTHERM products are used in multiple applications, such as in electric motors, appliances and many products we all use daily. MICROTHERM products are known for their longevity and reliable function.

Microtherm® is the global market leader in high temperature and high performance insulation applications with 40 plus years of experience in a wide range of demanding applications including power generation and renewable energy supplies.

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section you can configure a product according to your requirements.

Following our leaflet download:
•    Thermostat with housing 

      B-series pdf-download

      F-series pdf-download

      T-series pdf-download

•    Thermostat without housing

      A-series pdf-download

      D-series pdf-download

•    Thermostats with housing 1/2"

      R25/R26/R35/R36-series. pdf-download  

      R27/R28/R29-series pdf-download

•    Temperature fuses / thermal cut-off (L, S3M)

      TCO overview pdf-download

      Thermal cut-off SSW1 pdf-download      

•    Temperature sensor (replacement for KTY84 and KTY 83)

      STS1-series (replacement KTY 84) pdf-download       

      STS2-series (replacement KTY 83) pdf-download

•    Thermistors

      PTC pdf-download

•    High Temperature

      K1-series pdf-download

•    Temperature controller / temperature limiter

      M-series (MQT8, M2, M3) pdf-download

•    Current-sensitive thermal cut-out

      CD79F-series pdf-download

•    Adjustable thermostats

      KTR-Serie pdf-download

Besides temperature control MICROTHERM offers also current limiters:

•    Thermostat without housing (A- and D-series)

MICROTHERM manufactures these products with high precision. The self-imposed production standards and sophisticated product management allow customizing products with standard components. Microtherm's aim is to supply not only a suitable but the ideal product for your application. Therefore you can always rely on our consulting, engineering and problem solving!