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Betterfuse – Manufacturer and Solution Provider

Incorporated in 2003 on the foundations of the German WICKMANN factory in Dongguan, Better Group established and secured its top 3 position as a manufacturer for total circuit protection components and brand operator in China.
Betterfuse's product portfolio consists of fuses and components for over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature protection and related accessories, which are approved and certified through major international testing laboratories, such as UL, VDE, TUV, CCC, CQC, KC, PSE and ASTA.

Betterfuse is proud of their capability to attract the right talents, Betterfuse's 10 years of factory experience, outstanding R&D skills, high-tech facilities and equipment. Through one decade of top-engineering, mergers, acquisitions and field work in the industry we developed from a single start-up company into a group with four subsidiaries and numerous powerful alliances.

Betterfuse's customers value our drive to provide high-end quality products, solutions and services by still being able to keep a competitive price-performance ratio.

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Betterfuse provides PCB safety wherever you need it

The product portfolios of BETTERFUSE enable to satisfy safety technology requirements in a variety of industrial sectors and areas application. Be it miniature fuses for mobile phones or DVD players, fuses for cars and battery-driven vehicles or innovative High-voltage fuses for Microwave cookers. We are competent and reliable partners. We utilize the international synergetic effects generated by research & development, marketing and service activities, because our company not only operates in China but also have intensive and comprehensive marketing activities throughout the Far East. Be closed to the traditional and emerging markets and always finely tuned to the specific problems of international customers

Business objective customer proximity:
The company has distributors and representative offices at 9 locations in 3 countries on 2 continents. These supply products and cater to the needs of all over the world. In the 2009,the company realized total sales of approx.USD 8.57 Million with workforce of some 1578 employees and already invested a higher-than-average of 8% of its sales revenue in R&D activities.


Over-Current Protection

A protect measure which will be taken when the measured current increases more than permitted .

Over-Current Protection
OV-Voltage Protection

A protect measure which will be taken when the voltageof measured point is more than the rating

OV-Voltage Protection
Thermal protectors

Recoverable fuse which can reform a low resistance state circuit, so as to make a protection

Thermal protectors<
Accessories Fuse Terminals

Fuse Holders, Fuse Clips

Fuse Holders, Fuse Clips
EMC Transformers and Inductors

Transformers, Inductors

Transformers, Inductors