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Laird Steward Magnetics and EMI products & RF Products

Laird Steward Distributors Magnetics and EMI products IBS Electronics Laird Steward Parts Laird Technologies designs and manufactures customized, performance-critical products for wireless and other advanced electronics applications. The company is a global market leader in the design and supply of electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, thermal management products, specialty metal products, signal integrity components, and antenna solutions, as well as radio frequency (RF) modules and wireless remote controls and systems.

Based on one hundred years' worth of knowledge and experience, Laird products include Magnetic Powder, Ferrite Toroid Core, Cable Cores, Wireless Charging Modules, Ferrite Chip Beads/Inductors/Arrays, and supplementary electronic components containing a flexible magnetic core. Furthermore, the ferrite core product line involves a wide selection of materials ranging from KHz to GHz, which serve as a testimony to our ever-progressing performance, which continues to lead worldwide.

Based on the excellent performance of our material, Laird's wireless charging products have a minimum thickness of 0.8mm; our flexible ferrite magnetic strip has an ultra-thin product thickness of 0.05mm. Compared with competitors in the industry, the electrical performance of Laird's wierless charging products is better by the same size. Our products are lighter and smaller and still offer the same electrical performance, simultaneously satisfying all imperative aspects of design capability, including geometric structure, performance design and material selection-all in a matter of minutes. Laird also has the first SPICE Model in the Magnetic industry, and is a pioneer in using the pulse current simulation, 2D FEM perfect magnetic component design.

Laird Simulation software capabilities for power inductors, predict the design performance, modify configurations, and material selection to meet/improve the design, including complex structure to increase accuracy. It can also predict possible problems such as flux leakage, coupling effects to nearby components, and acoustic noise of the design.

Laird Steward Products:
  • Antennas & Reception Solutions
  • EMI Solutions
  • Thermal Management Solutions
  • Wireless
  • M2M & Telematics Solutions
  • Cattron - Wireless Remote Control
Laird Steward EMI Solutions
  • EMI Solutions for Mobile Devices
  • EMI Shielding & Gaskets
  • Specialty EMI Solutions
  • Ferrite Products
  Laird Steward Distributors Magnetics and EMI products IBS Electronics Laird Steward Parts
Laird Thermal Solutions
  • Thermal Management Solutions
  • Thermal Interface Materials
  • Thermally Conductive PCB Materials
  • Thermoelectric Assemblies
  • Thermoelectric Modules
  • Heat Sinks, Spring Clips, & Hardware
  Laird Steward Thermal Management, IBS Electronics , Laird Steward Parts
Laird Steward Characteristics:(Product Range) Why Steward and Laird? Steward sets performance standards worldwide. Laird Steward follows in the footsteps of Steward, well known by the biggest and brightest technology teams designing, manufacturing and delivering high quality, high performance EMI protection solutions.


Laird Steward Specifications
Laird Technologies produces an extensive line of ferrite products for signal line and EMI filtering applications that were formerly recognized under the Steward brand name. Products include ferrite cable cores, connector plates, unique common mode chokes, CAN-Bus chokes, high-current thru-hole and surface mount components, as well as impedance chip beads, surface mount inductors, toroid inductor cores, and ferrite powders.

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