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Magnecraft Relay Schneider Relay Global Magnecraft Distributor IBS Electronics Magnecraft Parts Magnecraft, a range of Schneider Electric, is a broad line of electro-mechanical, hybrid, solid state relays and sockets used in general purpose and industrial applications.

Founded in 1951 by Herbert Steinback in Chicago, IL, Magnecraft Electric Company began developing relays for industrial applications Today, the Magnecraft product range is recognized as the most innovative and quality-conscious name in the industry. Magnecraft stays ahead by creating the most feature-rich, highest-rated and cost-effective relays, sockets and accessories available.

Since 1951, Magnecraft has acquired many valuable relay lines including...
  • Electro-Seal Division of C.P. Clare in 1972
  • Hart-Advance Relay Division of Oak Industries in 1974
  • Omega Electric Company in 1977v
  • Relay Division of Sigma Instruments in 1986
  • Commercial Relay Division of Struthers-Dunn in 1990
  • Milspec Relay Division of Struthers-Dunn in 1995
  • Solid State Relay Division of Grayhill, Inc. 1999
  • Hermetic Relay Lines from Tyco Electronics in 2003
  • Schneider Electric Acquires Magnecraft Product Range in 2005
Magnecraft Schneider Products:
  • General Purpose Relays
  • Power Relays
  • Latching Relays
  • Time Delay & Sensor Relays
  • PCB & Reed Relays
  • Solid State Relays
  • Socks
  • Accessors
Magnecraft Relay Schneider Relay Application:
magnecraft_schneider Solid state relays (SSRs) are ideal for use in applications that require high duty cycles, no moving parts, silent operation and high reliability.
Magnecraft Relay Schneider Relay Characteristics:
Magnecraft solid state relays offers a number of advantages over electromechanical relays, including longer life cycles, less energy consumption and reduced maintenance costs.
Key Features:
  • No moving parts which extends service life
  • Vibration resistant which maintains a constant state
  • Front-facing LED for instant indication of line voltage
  • High breaking capacities
  • Wide input voltage range
Magnecraft Relays5 product families

861 Series
with an internal heat sink, it is the first complete solid state relay without any moving parts all in a slim 17.5 mm design. Directly mountable to DIN rail or panel.

861H Series

the first complete solid state relay approved for use in hazardous locations (Class 1, Division 2 rating from Underwriters Laboratories®)

6000 Series

classic "hockey puck" styling featuring a finger-safe cover and LED status indicator. The optically coupled circuit isolates the input from the output to give pure solid state performance. The finger-safe cover is available for products up to 40 Amps (AC) and 12 Amps (DC)


featuring a finger-safe cover, integral heat sink and LED status indicator, these relays are DIN or panel mountable. A complete solid state solution in one convenient package.

70S2 Series

these miniature SSRs are designed for medium power loads. The compact package is available in a combination of screw, fast-on or PCB terminals. Ideal for designs where space is limited.
Magnecraft Relay Schneider Relay Specifications:

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