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American Zettler
American Zettler, headquartered in California, produces over forty different types of relays to meet the many specific requirements of commercial and industrial applications. Because of their high reliability, American Zettler relays are used in a wide range of demanding applications including telecommunications systems, computer peripheral and office automation equipment, home appliances, security systems, test and measurement devices, industrial controls and many other types of electric and electronic equipment. To meet this demand off-the-shelf, American Zettler stocks over one million relays in all common coil resistances and contact configurations. In addition, American Zettler works closely with a computerized distribution network with stocking facilities in virtually every major industrial area in the world.

American Zettler’s highly respected production capability is an industry unique blend of skilled craftsmen with state-of-the-art assembly equipment and techniques that result in a new standard of product reliability. To provide our customers with the best possible product, American Zettler has painstakingly developed the most sophisticated quality assurance program in the industry. The heart of this program is SPC-Statistical Processes Control. Through this and other advanced techniques, each and every relay is monitored and tested prior to shipment. In fact, this quality assurance program is so stringent that many of the leading high-tech companies rely upon it for their most demanding applications.

Building on a foundation of more than a century of expertise in German precision engineering, ZETTLER Group today is a world-class enterprise, engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, sales and distribution of Electronic Components. Zettler's leadership role in quality components is based on a combination of Engineering Competence and Global Scale.

ZETTLER Group’s diversified product lines of relays, magnetics, display and controls are designed to provide complete solutions for component applications across a broad spectrum of industries.