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deca-switchlab-logo DECA SwitchLab always keeps the best and stable quality to meet the requirement of global cerification e.g. ISO9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009, Safety approvals of UL, VDE, TUV & CCC etc.

DECA SwitchLab pay much attention to "Quality Assurance". The company has full-integrated professional equipments and all the production processes are under the control of the DECA teamwork, including injection, stamping, assembly and fabrication.

SwitchLab Inc. was found in 1988. SwitchLab is now the professional leading manufacturer of electric machinery switches and terminal blocks in Taiwan. SwitchLab Inc. over the years has constantly developed European type switches, Japanese type terminal blocks, and some of European type terminal blocks to meet market demand. Meanwhile, the electric machinery market is growing up fast.

SwitchLab Inc. invested large sums yearly in technical development and procedure improvement. Deca develops lots of new models every year, such as European type terminal blocks for PCB application and connection. Therefore, our products can meet all customer requests; Deca gets good feedback from famous companies in worldwide. That’s why our business is growing up stably.

Before establishment, SwitchLab R&D team, Deca gathered, had many years of industry experience. That’s why Deca could start this business of switches & terminal blocks quickly, and create the trademark "DECA". Deca would like to meet total solution demand from customers, so Deca has their own departments for injection, molding, stamping and mechanical equipments in house started from 1995. This allows us to speed product development and control quality stability;therefore Deca can meet customer requirements in price, quality, & delivery.

With over 20 years of experience in the development of electric machinery products, SwitchLab becomes a leading manufacturer of professional illuminated pushbutton switches, particular switches, & terminal connection in Taiwan. Our products, not only switches but also terminal blocks, dominate more than 50% market share in the industrial field of Taiwan. Based on experienced R&D team & full-integrated production process, Deca create many new products available on market every year. That’s why Deca is able to be OME/ODM for famous companies in worldwide.

Keeping back in Taiwan, getting foothold in mainland China, taking a broad view are SwitchLab main goals of business operation. SwitchLab sales turnover is growing up every year. Especially, our creation of technology & stability of quality are higher than any other Asian supplier in this filed very much. This is our end mission to provide best services, competitive price & highest quality to all customers, and Deca can grow up together with our customer prosperously.

IBS Electronics is a Deca authorized distributor. As a ISO 9001:2015 & AS9120 certified distributor of electronic components you can trust IBS Electronics to offer you the best prices on Deca's components and the highest level of quality assurance in the industry.

SwitchLab Products:
  • Products

    • Euro Type Terminal Blocks

      Euro Terminal Blocks

    • Barrier Type Terminal Blocks

      Barrier Terminal Blocks

    • Din Rail Terminal Blocks

      Din Rail Terminal Blocks

    • H Terminal Blocks

      H Terminal Blocks

    • Φ22A20 Switch Series

      Φ22A20 Switch

    • Compact pushbuttons Φ22mm

      Compact pushbuttons Φ22mm

    • Φ16ADX Switch Series

      Φ16ADX Switch

    • Compact pushbuttons Φ16mm

      Compact pushbuttons Φ16mm

    • Anti-vandal

      Vandal Resistant Switch

    • Limit Switch Series

      Limit Switch

    • Cam Switch Series

      Cam Switch

    • IDC Connector Module

      IDC Connector Module

    • D-Sub Connector Module

      D-Sub Connector Module

    • Relay Module

      Relay Module

    • Housing


    • Float Level Switch

      Float Level Switch

    • Safety Meter
The product applications of SwitchLab can be adopted in many areas including mechantronic systems, lighting equipment, shipbuilding industry, railway system, telecommunication system, manufacturing automation modularization, and various CNC systems. In addition to providing with compact products for different territories, Deca also offer with the professional consultation services and welcome to take desired enquiry if necessary.
1   Simple Wire Protector Printed Circuit Terminal Blocks -MA series terminal blocks   Downloads  
2   Cage Clamp Printed Circuit Terminal Blocks-MB series terminal blocks   Downloads
3   The Plug Side Of Pluggable Type Terminal Blocks-MC series terminal blocks   Downloads
4   Composed(Combined)Pluggable Type Terminal Blocks-MD series terminal blocks   Downloads
5   The Header Side of Pluggable Type Terminal Blocks- ME series terminal blocks   Downloads
6   Printed Circuit Spring Terminal Blocks- MX series terminal blocks   Downloads
7   Din Rail Terminal Blocks   Downloads
8   Limit Switch Terminology and Stracture Diagram   Downloads
9   Test Requirement for Safety Approval   Downloads
10   A20 Series Control Units Special Features   Downloads
  A20 Series Control Units   Downloads
11   Housing   Downloads
12   idc connector module   Downloads
13   d-sub connector module   Downloads
14   Screw Clamp Terminal Blocks   Downloads
15   Screw Ground Terminal Blocks   Downloads
16   Screw Double Level Terminal Blocks   Downloads
  COMBI Push In Type Plug In Connection   Downloads
  Spring Clamp Ground Terminal Blocks   Downloads
  Disconnect (Diode) Terminal Blocks   Downloads
17   Pilot Light Switch   Downloads
18   Fuse Terminal Blocks   Downloads
19   Push In Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks   Downloads
20   Push In Spring Clamp Ground Terminal Blocks   Downloads
21   Pushbutton Switches   Downloads
22   Illuminated Emergency Stop Switches   Downloads
23   Key Type Cam Switches   Downloads
24   Handle Type Cam Switches   Downloads
25   Emergency stop switches   Downloads
26   Keylock switches   Downloads
27   F11S2 Vandal Resistant Switch   Downloads
28   Selector Switches - Push Button   Downloads
29   Relay Module   Downloads
30   16mm buzzer   Downloads
Characteristics: Cross Reference
SwitchLab assures that the realization of creating new values is to respond the situation in market end and customer end in addition to the product technologies. How to transform the innovative outcome of product technology into the promising value in the market end and customer end depends on the activity process of fulfilling the customer value which is called SwitchLab’s value chain.

The core capabilities in SwitchLab rely on not only on the professional services andindustrial resources in industrial grade of mechatronic components, but also on the expertise mining for the customer requirements. Therefore, the dynamic capabilities of technological innovation and differentiation of new products development is the key to successful competition in the market. In addition to the core capabilities for SwitchLab’s long term sustainability, Deca insists on the total valuable creation in all respects. In short term the value-creation activities allow SwichLab to successively invest and expand in product line, sales landscape, manufacturing capacities, and alliance partnership while bringing our market channels unlimited benefits.