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Bel Fuse

bel-fuse The Bel Fuse circuit protection portfolio includes one of the broadest ranges of circuit protection products on the market today. Bel Fuse has been at the forefront of the industry shift to board level, surface mount, fuse designs, including our C2Q Chip Fuses with 0603 footprint. Many of today's smaller hand held devices incorporate this newer technology and Bel Fuse is poised to help!

The circuit protection offering also includes PCB mount 277V radial fuses, as well all standard glass and ceramic cartridge fuses including axial leaded board mounted options. Bel Fuse also offers a complete product offering in PPTC resettable fuses. And, in addition to the standard products, Bel Fuse offers a wide range of value-add options to facilitate more efficient assembly on the production line. Related product brands include: Bel, Bel Power Solutions, Cinch Connectivity Solutions, Signal Transformer, Stewart Connector, TRP Connector.

Committed to enhancing communication and connectivity on a global scale, Bel Fuse manufacturers and distributes products for networking, telecommunications, high-speed data transmission, commercial aerospace, military, transportation, and consumer electronics. Their impressive portfolio includes solutions such as magnetics, modules, circuit protection, fiber optic connectors, and high-speed cable assemblies, among others.

Product Category

    Circuit Protection

    Circuit protection is utilized to ensure that key components of an electrical system are properly protected from unforeseen circumstances. General practice consists of adding components that act as a failsafe, or “weakest link”, or components that prevent unwanted current flow, such as diodes.
    Overcurrent Protection
            Fuse Accessories
            PTC Resettable Fuse

    The best circuit in the world would be a paperweight without means of connecting to a larger system. Whether you need a ruggedized connector that can carry hundreds of amps or a low profile connector to blend seamlessly into a light fixture, Arrow's extensive portfolio will help you get connected.
        Connector Accessories
            Connector Accessories
        I/O Connector
            Connector Interface
            Connector Telephone and Telecom
            Power Transformer
            Telecom Transformer
    Power Supplies

    Until someone perfects the perpetual motion machine, every device will continue to need a power supply. Whether your application calls for a simple switcher or a highly precise, multi-output controller, Arrow will put the power in your hands.
            DC to DC Converter and Switching Regulator Module
    Fasteners and Hardware

            Hardware Tools
    Wire and Cable
        Cable Assemblies
            Cable Assembly Other
    EMI/RFI Suppression
        EMI/RFI Electronics
            Common Mode Chokes
    Power Management
    Power management ensures that the system you are operating runs at efficient rates and uses low energy when allowable. Such technology is often seen in, but is by no means restricted to, common electrical appliances, computers, screens and GPUs, IOT systems, and other power conservation systems.
        Power Management Other
            Specialized Power ICs and Modules