Custom Passive Components

ibs electronicsIBS Electronics is your ideal partner in the realization and pursuit of your company's objectives. From novel designs to existing product revisions, IBS Electronics can work with you. We regularly supply select components and sub-assemblies to many companies. Whatever your electrical application, we can offer different electronic component parts, including IDC sockets, centronics, D-subs, Modular connectors, and other high demand products.

IBS Electronics , global electronics components distributor, is offering a comprehensive selection of electronic components and computer accessories products.

IBS Electronics is an electronic parts distribution service featuring custom-crafted electronic parts and supplies solutions. IBS Electronics offers custom design products include resistors, inductors, capacitors, bobbins, connectors etc. For custom electronic components please contact IBS Electronics, high quality, low cost electronic components.

At IBS Electronics, you receive highest level of service, product selection, price and overall value unmatched in the industry.



IBS Electronics has manufactured a ring for ETD, EC, EE and PQ type bobbins to provide 4mm, 6mm or 8mm spacing between primary and secondary windings. The C ring is designed to eliminate tapping the bobbin in most applications, and to maintain stable margin between winding.



  • Aluminum Electrolytic
  • Ceramic Surface Mount & Leaded
  • Interference Supression X and Y
  • Polyester
  • Tantalum

Ferrite Cores:


RF Connectors:

IBS Electronics is dedicated to providing the highest quality connectors and accessories. Standard line RF connector bodies are precision machined from brass and plated with a substantial thickness of bright nickel... not some dull, tin alloy with a high-tech name

All male contacts are machined brass, plated with gold. Female contacts are phosphor bronze, or beryllium copper. Insulator materials of high quality dielectrics from Delrin, Teflon, or Rexolite. D-Subminiature insulators are UL94VO glass reinforced PBT.

  • N Series
  • Twinax Series
  • BNC Series
  • BNC-Twin Series
  • TNC Series
  • Mini UHF Series
  • UHF Series
  • Terminators
  • F Series
  • Plastic Snap-Together Hoods
  • Hardware
  • IBM 4700, 3600 Banking System
  • EMI/RFI Metal Hoods
  • D-Subminiature Connectors
  • Metalized Hoods
  • Telephone Accessories
  • Hub
  • Tools
  • Wall Plates



components for your electronic projectsIBS offers one of the largest selections of solder terminals in the electronics industry. Chances are good that most customers can select an existing terminal directly from our catalog for their current application.

We maintain large amounts of standard parts in stock in various configurations. If your applications should require custom configurations, a highly skilled engineering team is ready to handle almost any requirement.



We stock and manufacture high reliability screw machine components for the world-wide interconnection industry. We have a wide variety of sockets currently in stock, and many available with a quick turnaround and delivery.


Spring Clips:

IBS electronics offers spring slips for direct and insulated mounting of a variety of envelopes. They are cost effective and safe. Designed to hold the semiconductors in place without the use of hardware. Meets IEC, VDE and UL safety requirements.

spring clips