Mechanical Products Parts:

  1. Circuit Breaker
  2. Connectors
  3. Fans
  4. Hardware
  1. Magnetics Ferrite Cores and Bobbins
  2. Optical Fiber Cable
  3. Relays & Delay Line
  1. Switches
  2. Thermal Conductor & Heat Sinks
  3. Wire & Tubing


hardwareHardware components play a vital role in the functioning and construction of electronic devices. These components are physical parts that make up the electrical and mechanical systems within electronics. IBS Electronics is an authorized distributor for many industry leading manufacturers of mechanical components and assembly hardware. From nuts and bolts, clamps and clips, rivets, screws and washers, IBS offers products that comply with industry standards to ensure quality, functionality and fit.

hardware for pcb boards

  • Chassis and Frames:

    • Metal, such as aluminum or steel, is often used for the chassis or frame of electronic devices. Metal provides durability, structural integrity, and acts as a heat sink, helping dissipate heat generated by electronic components.
  • Heat Sinks:

    • Aluminum and copper are common materials for heat sinks, which are used to dissipate heat from high-power electronic components.
  • EMI/RFI Shielding:

    • Metal coatings or shields, such as copper or aluminum, are used to protect electronic devices from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radiofrequency interference (RFI).
  • Screws and Fasteners:

    • Metal screws and fasteners are used to assemble components and secure different parts of electronic devices.
These items can be found at our IBS Store or by selecting one of the manufacturers below for Product Information and Request for Quote.

Seastrom stocks over 44,000 part numbers of a wide variety of fasteners, including flat round washers, spring clips, spacers, shoulder washers, lock washers, clamps, brackets, expansion plugs and much more. They also manufacture and supply Hiram Jones pins, terminals & connectors.

Seastrom can modify any of our standard part numbers to meet your applications reducing the cost of tooling.

If their standards or a modification doesn’t work, Seastrom engineers will work with you to design the best and most economical part for your application. Seastrom Manufacturing is a full service manufacturer. With Seastrom, they not only make quality parts, they help make quality products.

As innovative designers and manufacturers of the world’s most comprehensive array of plastic component solutions, Richco specializes in plastic fasteners, circuit board hardware, wire routing products, cable ties, clips, clamps, metal and plastic grommets, fiber optics, and telecommunication accessories. Richco is your one-stop shop for virtually all your fastening needs.

Richco’s vast arrays of product offerings address specific application needs within electronics, computer, consumer goods, telecom/datacom, and contract manufacturing industries. In addition to their dedication to new product development, they are committed to providing unsurpassed engineering assistance and technical advice in selecting the right plastic component, then delivering them when you need them.

Amatom has grown to be one of America’s leading suppliers of electronic hardware, serving manufacturers and assembly markets worldwide.

• Standoffs and Spacers
• Metric Standoffs and Spacers
• Captive Panel Hardware
• Handles and Ferrules
• Insulating Washers
• Panel Bushings
• Catches & Heavy Duty Handles

Keystone Electronics has been manufacturing precision electronic interconnect components and hardware, supplying quality products at competitive prices to industry, worldwide.

Their full-line Catalog M60.2 has products that are engineered specifically for use by OEM Designers and Engineers who create and develop state-of-the-art electronic products, instruments and systems.

• Battery Clips, Contacts & Holders, Fuse Clips & Holders, Terminals & Test Points
• Spacers and Standoffs
• Panel Hardware
• Pins, Plugs, Jacks & Sockets
• PC Board Hardware
• Multi-Purpose Hardware

Mill-Max has been manufacturing and designing high reliability precision-machined inter-connect components and is amongst the recognized global leaders in both industry standard and application specific interconnects. Their US based manufacturing is housed entirely in one location ensuring maximum reliability, service and convenience.

Mill-Max manufactures a wide variety of interconnect components, their product line includes:

Precision-machined spring-loaded connectors, sip, dip, pga, bga, and plcc sockets, board-to-board interconnects and pin headers, pcb pins, receptacles and solder terminals, all available in smt and through-hole. We also are the source for wrap post receptacles and terminals, plcc sockets and usb connectors. Mill-max specializes in application specific products. In addition, they offer military sockets, stamped dip sockets, low-cost plccs, and lubricated dip and plcc sockets.

In addition to our franchise lines we actively stock and order parts from the following manufacturers:

IBS Electronics has a wide variety of fasteners and hardware to help complete your job. For any job or application, there seems to be a special set of fasteners or hardware that make your job easier. Need a special size or fastener? If you don't see what you need, be sure to call / email us for screws, nuts, washers, straps or bolts. We are happy to help with screws, cable ties, cable tie anchors, threaded rods or more.