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camtec Camtec offers leading quality of power solutions, including AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters, AC/DC and DC/DC power conversion solutions for demanding Medical, Test & Measurement, LED Lighting, Audio/Visual, Information Technology Equipment, Data/Telecom, Industrial and other OEM applications.

Camtec applied its strength in engineering to create dc power processing products using modular building blocks. Camtec power supplies is for a variety of specialist markets including Industrial, Medical, Lighting, Communications and Military. Our Products: AC/DC Modular Power Supplies, LED Power Supplies and Custom Power Supplies.

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CAMTEC engineers and manufactures Switch Mode Power Supplies SMPS and assemblies for the Automation Sector, Machine Building and Electronics Industry.

The product range comprises AC/DC Power and DC/DC Converter for DIN-Rail, Chassis Mount, Open Frame and Rack Mount Power. Camtec fabricates Programmable DIN-Rail Power Supplies for the Test Automation, similar to a Laboratory Power Supply.

Our portfolio includes Unbreakable Power Supplies, DC-UPS, Battery Chargers and Charging Rectifiers for the modular DC-UPS, up to 60KW. CSE provides Redundant-Modules, Inrush Current Limiters and Electronic DC-MosFET Relays for the Automation Powertrain.

All our products are Made in Germany. Our FAB is regularly inspected by the German TUV. The Camtec production is certfied according to DIN EN ISO9001:2015, CSA and UL norms.

A Camtec Switch Mode Power Supply SMPS is designed for pro-applications like infrastructure, railway, traffic control or military use. Our products provide oustanding data. Camtec power products achieve CE, RoHS and REACH, as well as the new European (Energy-Using Products) EuP Eco-Design Directive.

CAMTEC Power Supplies