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dc-dc-converter DC/DC converters provide a regulated DC voltage. They alter the voltage level, regenerate voltages at the end of long cables or enable the creation of independent supply systems by means of electrical isolation.
IBS offers a complete line of isolated DC-DC Converters for Military, Avionics, Rail and other Industrial applications. We offers new system architectures using state-of-the-art IC and power semiconductors. As a DC-DC converter distributor, switch mode power supply (SMPS) has been our business for decades, including the fine regulation of direct current, also known as DC-DC (or DC to DC) conversion. In the area of DC-DC power supply we offer different DC-DC converters and solutions.
With thousands to choose from, the IBS Electronics range of DC-DC Converters is sure to have what you need. We distribute isolated and non-isolated DC-DC Converters, portable car power adaptors and switching regulators from top brands.

These are modern switchmode DC to DC converters and regulators which take the input voltage, create AC with it through the switchmode process, convert the voltage, regulate, rectify and filter to create a DC output. Switching power supplies offer higher efficiency than traditional linear power supplies. They can step-up, step-down, and invert. Some designs can isolate output voltage from the input. This article outlines the different types of switching regulators used in DC-DC conversion. It also reviews and compares the various control techniques for these converters.

Our dc-dc converter line ranges from 1 W to 600 W, providing you with a diverse selection of package configurations, input and output voltage options, protections and special features. Our years of experience developing dc-dc converters have given us insight into the diverse needs of our customers, from economical low power solutions, to robust high power dc-dc designs. As we continue down the path of smaller, more efficient designs, you can look to us to be your collaborative power partner.

Our proven ability to blend circuit topologies and high-performance components with contemporary construction techniques has led to our premier position in the industry as the largest supplier of DC-DC converters. From standard models to modified products and complete custom designs, Murata's DC/DC converters can meet the needs for miniaturization, low profile, high efficiency, power-saving, low noise designs for use in industrial and electronic equipment, telecom, medical, automotive, lighting, and more.

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DC-DC Isolated Regulated

Products range from the traditional full, half and quarter-brick DC-DC converter modules to the next generation high-density surface-mount products at less than the size of an equivalent 1/32 brick. The brick family offers tens of thousands of combinations of input voltage, output voltage and power levels.  Input voltages range from 10 – 400 Vdc; output voltages
from 1 – 95 Vdc; output power to 600 W; and a choice of temperature grades, from -55°C to +100°C. Products can be paralleled for high power solutions. High efficiency, high density building blocks with fast transient response – support a broad range of power levels and power architectures. These include centralized power (CPA), distributed power (DPA) and Factorized power architectures (FPA), allowing power architects to more easily design small, high performance, thermally enhanced, cost effective power system solutions.

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