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inductorsIBS Electronics is the premier franchised distributor of inductive components. Our wide selection of inductors from world class manufacturers provide our customers with their inductance solutions. Our expertise in the industry will help you identify a perfect inductor for your operating current & temperature.

IBS Electronics has developed relationships with several key manufactures in the industry becoming their franchised distributors. Some of these manufacturers include AEM, Cal-Chip, ETAL, Vishay, TDK and Coilmaster.

These items can be found at our IBS Store or by selecting one of the manufacturers below for Product Information and Request for Quote.

AEM, Inc. is a high reliability component solutions provider that continues to set the standard for quality, value and performance. AEM provides solutions and services to aerospace, defense and other “Hi-Rel” industries that require the highest quality level for circuit protection, EMI signal filtering, and Sn/Pb conversion applications.

Cal-Chip Electronics is a Specialist in Surface Mounted Devices.

Their line of Inductor products include the following:

• Multi-Layer chip inductor
• High frequency multi -layer
• Chip inductors
• Molder Chip Wire Wound Inductors
• Miniature Chip Open Type Inductors

ETAL Originally founded in 1968, ETAL Group is a leading supplier of in-house developed high-performance magnetic components, primarily transformers and inductors.

Their range of products includes:

Custom Products:

• Signal Transformers
• Common Mode Chokes
• LAN & xDSL Modules
• Power Transformers and Inductors
• Power Filter Inductors
• Planar Transformers
• Inductors and Modules
• Can Bus Chokes

Standard Products:

• Laminated and ferrite line matching transformers
• ISDN and xDSL components
• High impedance pick-off transformers
• Current sense transformers
• Filters
• Powerline carrier transformers
• Power inductors
• RF
• Moulded and common mode inductors

Vishay With through-hole, SMD, and custom products available, Vishay’s line is amongst the widest range of inductors in the industry. This product family includes the low-profile IHLP® power inductor family, ideal for compact, space-sensitive applications.

Vishay has grown through acquisitions to include such top names as Dale, Sfernice, Draloric, Sprague, Vitramon, Siliconix, General Semiconductor, BCcomponents, and Beyschlag. Vishay’s portfolio of brands represents an collection of discrete semiconductors and passive components. All of these brands and products are part of one global manufacturer.

TDK‘s inductors come in two types: the multilayer type and the wire-wound type. The multilayer type provides high inductance and high Q characteristics with a reduced size thanks to our unique multilayer board processing technologies. The wire-wound type provides low Rdc thanks to its high-efficiency closed magnetic circuit design using high µ ferrite particles, achieving low power consumption. The lineup offers a wide range of product variety to ensure optimum selection according to the intended use such as the frequency level, signal, or power supply type as well as the required characteristics.

Coilmaster is amongst the top SMD Power Inductor, Choke , Coil suppliers in the world by constantly innovating and improving . They specialize in manufacturing various types of magnetic and inductive products and solutions.

Their product line ranges from:

• SMD Power Inductors
• Wire Wound Chip Inductors
• Multilayer Chip Inductors

These items can be found at our IBS Store or by selecting one of the manufacturers below for Product Information and Request for Quote.

In addition to our franchise lines we actively stock and order parts from the following manufacturers: