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Crystal Oscillators

crystal oscillators A crystal oscillator is an electronic oscillator circuit that uses the mechanical resonance of a vibrating crystal of piezoelectric material to create an electrical signal with a precise frequency.

Crystal oscillators are electronic devices that use the mechanical resonance of a vibrating crystal to generate a stable and precise frequency signal. These oscillators are widely used in electronic circuits as frequency references, providing accurate timing for various applications such as microcontrollers, microprocessors, communication equipment, and more. Crystal oscillators are preferred over other types of oscillators in many applications due to their high stability and reliability.

IBS Electronics distributes quartz-crystal oscillators and programmable oscillator ICs to meet the needs of virtually any application. Capabilities include inventory management, supply chain management, in-plant warehousing, automated inventory replenishment, barcoding and labeling. Electronic oscillators can be used in defense, aerospace, industrial, commercial, healthcare, medical, computer and test equipment industry applications. Services include design engineering, quick-turn prototyping, contract and custom manufacturing, box build, in-circuit and functional testing and assembly services.

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One of the most important features of any oscillator is its frequency stability, or in other words its ability to provide a constant frequency output under varying load conditions. We provide a large variety of different Simple Packaged Crystal Oscillators & SAW Oscillators with various sizes, frequencies, OE/ST functions, and temperature ranges for every application. standard and custom electronic precision quartz crystal oscillators. Products offered include OCXO, TCXO, VCXO, and clock oscillators. Specifications vary depending upon models including 0.1 Hz to 1 GHz frequency range, +/- 0.005 to +/- 15 ppm frequency stability, and -55 degrees C to 125 degrees C operation temperature. Features include low phase noise, low jitter, and various output signals such as HCMOS and sine. Available in a variety of packages, including DIP and SMT.

Distributor of electronic oscillators, specifically crystals and resonators for contract manufacturers and OEMs in industries including military, aerospace, medical, and automotive. Also offers piezoelectric devices, terminals, cable assemblies, connectors, and switches. Provides same-day shipping for listed in-stock items and value-added services including solderability, electrical, and delid-decap internal testing.

Clock Oscillators

Quartz crystal oscillators are comprised of a crystal unit and an inverting amplifier; and emit a stable frequency when subjected to a specific voltage. Quartz crystal oscillators are a simple means of providing the clock generators used for information processing in office automation and other electronic equipment.

Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXOs)

A temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) compensates the frequency-temperature characteristics of the crystal unit using a temperature compensation circuit to provide a highly stable output frequency. They are mainly used as reference signal sources in the radio frequency circuits of cellular phones.